37 Weeks

>> Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lily is 8.5 months old! This past weekend was uneventful. We finally purchased our second convertible car seat for the convertible (my car). What a task. It has taken me well over a month of research to find a good one that fits. And which one fits? The most expensive one of course! We ended up going with the Britax Roundabout.

I did some research and along with our EvenFlow Triumph in the Pathfinder, it got the highest safety rating. Funny enough this one was more expensive than the EvenFlow which we consider our "primary" carseat. Pros of the Britax: Compact size (our number one deciding factor). This actually fits better than her infant carrier in the back. These cool little Velcro things that hold the straps in place so that you can set her in and not have to pull the straps out. Obviously the safety rating is a pro too. Cons: PRICE! and it only goes up to forty pounds. Our EvenFlow goes up to fifty. She is a chunker so we will see how many years it last. Oh and it is not very pretty. But I am telling you this thing fits good! So we got that one.

That was the highlight of our weekend. Our really expensive Babies R' us trip. Sad huh?

Lily ended up with a fever most of Sunday. No apparent reason but she was not her self. Very clingy all day. She wanted to be held and rock for most of the afternoon and slept most of the morning. Tylenol did not seem to lower it too much either. It was pitiful; her eyes were all glassy. But she woke up Monday fine. Not sure what was going on. Teeth? She hasn't really gotten a fever with teeth before though. Honestly our fevers are usually signs of an ear infection. Ugh. I will kill somebody if she has another one. We have a follow up with the ENT on Thursday so we will know then.

Two milestones this past week. Lily is now clapping her hands. And she official stood for no more than five seconds unassisted. YaY! Very exciting! I scared her the first time she stood up when I screamed with excitement and she immediately fell. I am not sure when she started this but we noticed she can now go from crawling to sitting and from standing to sitting. Her mobility in the past week has really been improving. Or should I say her ability to move without falling (i.e standing to sitting usually consisted of a fall).

Coming up this week: Mommy's birthday, ENT visit, Family March Birthday celebrations, Mandy's baby shower. Whew that sounds like a lot.