Steve and Michele's Shower

>> Monday, February 09, 2009

Meg, Dana (Michele's sister), and I threw a wedding shower for Steve and Michele this weekend. After much debate and a large guest list we decided to host the shower at a restaurant in Cary called Lucky 32's. What a great idea! I had no cleanup, prep, stress. It was great! Shane at Lucky 32's got me a menu for a brunch at a reasonable price per head, and we provided alcohol (champagne cocktails to go with the brunch theme), and we came an hour early to prep and done! It was fabulous! And unique. Our friends have not had a shower like this before. Elegant and fun. I think all three of us did a great job.
Lucky 32's did a great job! I would recommend them to anyone doing a party. I really liked that you could bring in your own alcohol, there was no room charge, and they did the main set up. We got a good deal for how nice the party was! The room was full of natural light and it was a beautiful day so it worked out.

I was lucky enough to get half off gift certificates through Triangle Listener rewards too. So a $50 dollar certificate for $25. Awesome! The only prep work I had was flowers (Lowe's food is the bomb), a Lowe's Food cake, invites, we did balloons, and picture centerpieces. All in all fairly simple. Mainly just coordinating which is what I do best! Here are a few detail shots.

Meg and CraigBrooke and Scott

Sexy Dave

Brian and Jen

Me, Meg, and Michele Jenna and Jen
A Daddy and Lily Moment....

What Happens when Scott gets your camera.....

Brent Posing

Dave in the "jungle"

Thoughtful Scott

Brooke pondering (actually not a bad pic...Scott might have hidden potential)