South Beach Diet Update Week 2

>> Monday, February 23, 2009

Last week was sooo much better. My cravings have decreased and my will power have increased significantly. Michael doesn't seem to mind as much either. No more "needs" when we are done eating. I have one no sugar added fudgesicle a day and that is my saviour. My headache is gone. I do think my intake of diet soda is increasing so I will have to work on that. I really do feel like we are eating better! A lot more veggies than we are used to that is for sure. So totals after this week.....

Michael: 15 pounds
Stephaine: 7.4 pounds

Not bad eh? I seem to be following a steady half of what he is losing. Men! But I am still proud. We have decided to transition into phase 2 instead of going full force adding all carbs back. The next two weeks we will add in a few servings of fruit a week. Just because it will be easier to control until we get good and used to the diet. So we might do our "transition" for two more weeks.

We also added a Wii Fit to our household with the goal (for me at least) to do thirty minutes three times a week. That will be a feat with Lily but I am confident. I did it yesterday for thirty minutes and whereas I think it is hard to get a hard core aerobic exercise with it it will be easier to do strength and balance with it. I was a little sore this morning from some of the yoga poses. Whew I am definitely not as young as I used to be. Some of them were tough.

Michael and I were talking over dinner and I told him, like I have on most days, how proud I am of him. I know this is a big change for him...well me too of course. We both have different areas it is a change for us but I knew this diet would be harder on him. But this is the perfect diet for him since he has a triglyceride problem. So I am interested to see his blood work after a few months of this. The doctor said this would help.

Although we are obviously doing this for health (and vanity!) reasons, Lily plays a big party. Neither one of us have ever been thin people. I am not saying I want her to be thin. But I do want her to be at peace with her healthy weight. Not struggling with her weight like we do. I am the smallest in my family and I am not small! Especially post baby. Hopefully we be able to lead by example. That is really my motivation. Well that and that size X pair of jeans :)