Halloween 2010

>> Monday, November 01, 2010

Why yes that is the most kick arse pirate I have ever seen...thanks for asking. Okay serious cuteness. I was doubting my pirate costume after my photoshoot for our Halloween card. So I beefed it up with a touch of Wolfpack Red and TADA! 

I put together the costume myself. Dress with a shirt over it, and boots all from Target Circo line. Hat and sword from WalMart. Red scarf and leopard scarf from my bedroom drawer. I kind of have a thing for scarves.

Mommy I am a sad pirate...come make me feel better....
Two seconds later....Just Kidding...I will cut you with my sword! 

I am not really sure what the tree ever did to her but she was definitely in character. 
This is our third straight year celebrating Halloween with the Bakers. AKA going to the rich neighborhood to get the good candy. We didn't even buy candy this year because we knew we wouldn't be there to pass it out. It does save money I will say. Good candy is not cheap. 

Lily attacking Daddy for no apparent reason other than to be an awesome pirate. 

Her best line "WALK THE PLANK!" 
This is the Baker girl Aubrey! The best cowgirl yet. 
Her horse's name was pretzel. Awesome. I mean if I was going to name a horse it would be after a yummy food. Brownie. Ice Cream. Reeses. Snicker. Mmmmmm
Love these pics of her! (PS Not on Auto and 80% of these pictures are straight out of my camera! ) 

The infamous pretzel makes his debut
Like a rhinestone cowboy played in my head all night
Michael must like getting beat up. This is why he is the cool one and I am the one always snapping pictures. He is willing to get down and dirty with the kids.
And get beat with Pretzel. 
And generally just get belly flopped on. Or as the Eads' household calls it...Froggy Splashed.
The night was good. Next year I will ditch the wagon and just have her walk. It ended up being more of a hassle than it was worth. Also to the guy at the first house we went to that wore the really scary mask. Thanks Dude. My kids luckily recovered pretty quickly and although I laughed at how scared Lily immediately got I will still kick your arse. Because that is what Momma Bears do. Then I felt bad when Steph B. told me he was raising twin 18 month old boys by himself because the Mom bailed. So he lived. But only for the sake of the kids. She was REALLY upset. :cough; laugh; snicker; cough: Oh and she ran to me so a small victory for Mommy since Daddy got major cool points for the pirate battle.
Lily was polite and really had the hang of it by the end of the night. She said her Trick or Treats and Thank yous like a big girl. Other than grabbing a few candy bowls the night was a success.
We ended the night by swinging by Uncle Kevin's to Trick or Treat. Uncle Kevin was home but refused to answer the door because he didn't have any candy. Then his buddy opened the door and was all like "aaww I am sorry we don't have any candy...wait Dude it's your brother!" ahahaha! I think Kevin was excited about his Halloween surprise. And we all know she loves him so it was a good ending to the night.

But boy was I exhausted. I don't remember it being this much work as a kid. We only Trick or Treated about and hour and a half and I thought I was going to die by the time we got home. I was in bed before 11 and still drug myself out of bed and tried to be presentable. I felt beat down ALL Day. As that old person....I would have been just fine doing that Saturday night. Whew.

Disclaimer: She in NOT AN ECU PIRATE. We bleed red in this house peoples. Only RED!



Dana November 1, 2010 at 9:43 PM  

she really is a cutie! and I think just about every kid had that same bucket!

Eads Family November 1, 2010 at 10:06 PM  

It was part of the McDonalds Happy Meal. Yeah we are fat.

Melissa F. November 2, 2010 at 3:22 PM  

Steph!!! Lily was the cutest pirate EVER! You always have her looking so super cute!!!!!!