12 Days of Christmas

>> Monday, November 22, 2010

This week's topic? Family traditions. Mmmm this is a tough one. Since we only started laying down the law about Christmas last year I don't know if one year of data is called a tradition.

1. Decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Well this is definitely a tradition that has been longer than a year. Poor Steph had to decorate early this year (Sunday BEFORE Thanksgiving) because of a looming Disney Vacay! Don't you feel sorry for me? Ok drool of jealousy now...
2. Lyle the Elf. Oh how Lily loves the elf. I actually broke out the "Lyle is going to tell Santa" today. Even though Lyle has not made an appearance yet. I am so turning into my mother. Lucky for us Mommy asked Santa if Lyle could follow up to Disney and he agreed. We should see him Sunday morning.
3. Christmas Eve Dinner with the three of us. Last year we enacted marshall law with the family and decided no more traveling on Christmas. We eat a big ol' dinner, go to church for our annual visit, and then drive home to the grandparents after breakfast and gifts. We live about three hours away from them.
4. Wake up at the butt crack of dawn to open gifts. Whew this has been around since I was a kid. Did not factor in elf work on Christmas eve when we carried this tradition on to our family.
5. Opening one gift on Christmas Eve. Also from my family. Hey what can I say we were impatient. My husband despises this but I always win.

The thing about traditions I love? You can start a new one any time you want. I want to add the Christmas Story to our list of traditions. They covered that at our annual church visit last year. Well at least for me. Michael was outside with a screaming 18 month old. We will see how she does this year...and if we add a new tradition by the end of the season.



Sharla Collins November 23, 2010 at 8:15 AM  

I might steal this topic idea! :) Love it! :)