State Fair 2010

>> Monday, October 25, 2010

There are families that are just State Fair kind of folks. No not Carnies. But people that literally look forward to the fair. Yeah we I am totally that person. It is honestly like the beginning of the holiday season for me. It goes Michael's Birthday, Fair, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and finally New Years. All in 90 days. I love it!

So needless to say we went to the North Carolina State Fair this year. Twice. With advance tickets and three ride books in hand. Oh yeah. It was awesome. Deep Fried Yummy Goodness. Oh I didn't mention that I only go to eat? What get on roller coasters being held up by wooden blocks? No thank you.

Unless Lily really wants to ride her first roller coaster. Which she did.

And she loved it! I literally saw my life flash before me as I was convinced the sheer weight of my arse was going to derail this sucker. But I lived. And thank god so did she. It was actually her favorite ride all day.

I also love going to support local vendors and see the animals. I try to ignore the big Harris Teeter sold signs hanging above the animals.

Oh wait this is just more pictures of food.

I digress. Back to the rides. A few of Lily's favorites:

Normally I would not show this picture. Mainly because it is me being silly and I like to think of myself as always ladylike in photo ops. Ok no really because my fat roll is hanging out. But I knew no one would believe it without photographic proof that that seat belt almost reopened my csection scar. No joke ya'll look at it. I am sticking out my tongue in pure pain! My gut has swallowed the seat belt. You cannot even see it. Wow I really should be ashamed. Or the carnies should be. Don't they know I just ate a deep fried oreo and that kind of pressure is dangerous!!!

 Properly hiding the disappearing seat belt while being silly. Now that is ladylike photography.
Jet Ski on air baby.
Favorite ride by far....also Mommy's least favorite. So Michael and I had to take turns riding this multiple times. How is it I can be thrust at a bajillion miles per hour on a kick ass roller coaster but the merry go round will get me green and begging for mercy after one run.
But Daddy had to have some fun too....His annual tradition of missing the target completely at the turkey shoot was broken this year.
Because he hit that sucker and was so close to the center! Well at least one pellet was. See....

He unfortunately got beat by our neighbor that we didn't even know was in there. Then the kid took the shirt instead of the Turkey! Who doesn't take the Turkey. It is a TURKEY SHOOT! You can tell he didn't have a family to feed. My mouth was drooling thinking of the deep fried turkey goodness that could result from a win. But there I go back to the food again.

Speaking of food..what is your favorite fair food? Well mine was hard to narrow down. I try something every year. Usually something completely horrible for me. This year Michael and I shared all of the following. Remember we went twice. Please don't judge.

1. Corn
2. Corn Dog
3. Al's Fries
4. Wisconsin Cheese Sticks
5. Deep Fried Oreo
6. Deep Fried Hoho
7. Sweet Potato Fries
8. NC State Ice Cream
9. Ham Biscuits
10. Fair Lemonade...aka straight sugar water.

Wow. That is a lot I know. But this year the winner for my favorite food. Drum Roll please....

Deep Fried HoHo!
Lily agreed. This her trying to steal my hoho. Luckily I love her or I would have had to kill her. I have threatened Michael for less.
 Close Second: NC State Ice Cream. Mainly because I love NC State and it is yummy. You can now buy the ice cream online. So good. Go to You know you want to.

North Carolina State Fair pretty much rocked this year. It was totally worth the five pounds I gained and the post fair diet I had to start the day after the fair left town. Until next year my love....

Line of night:
Michael: Oh babe I think you face is bleeding! :lovingly goes to wipe it: Oh that is just food. Nevermind.
Stephaine:  What did I eat that was red? Mmmmm.

PS Totally proud of my hubby for actually getting some pictures with me in it! This never happens as I am always the shutterbug. I heart you babe!

PSS. I have gotten several questions about Lily's fair outfit. The whole outfit is from Gymboree except the Target leggings.



Katherine October 26, 2010 at 7:42 AM  

Favorite fair foods: elephant ear (oldie but a goodie) and deep-fried pickle spears dipped in Ranch. YUM!