Ken's Korny Korn Maze!

>> Wednesday, October 27, 2010

We started doing Ken's Korn Maze last year. Yet another attempt to support local farmers. Not always easy for these folks. I can tell business is going down but I have to admit I love this place! Michael had been bugging me for weeks. Not to mention stalking friends to go with us. Eventually we just went by ourselves. I guess everyone isn't as nerdy as us and likes mazes. Let alone creepy corn mazes. 

Last year it took us 2:45 minutes or something crazy like that. In our defense we did it at night. But last year we had four of us. This year it was just us and a crazy toddler. Sans stroller. :Gulp:

But of course Lily had to get her slide fix in.

About to start....will we survive. Lily seems excited. Although this could be because we let her skip her nap. She is excited we are petrified. 

She did great considering no nap, no stroller, and the corn field being six acres. We finished in record time: 47 minutes! Oh yeah! Apparently it not being pitch black is a major advantage. Who knew?!

By then Lily was done. It was about four hours past nap time. But I bribed her over to the pumpkins for a quick picture. 
And she gave me this one. I don't know why this makes me laugh so much. I mean do I even have to say what it looks like she is doing?

She is indeed the cutest pumpkin in the patch. By far. 



CLARK711 October 29, 2010 at 3:13 PM  

I have never seen a cuter pumpkin in all my days! Looks much bigger than the hay maze we went through the other week. Great pics!