Halloween Prequel

>> Saturday, October 30, 2010

First the Halloween activities started on Friday with a costume parade at daycare. Just an FYI Lily is suppose to be a pirate for Halloween. Yet this is what she talked me into to letting her wear to school that day.

I introduce Princess Jasmine.

Total cuteness if I wasn't highly irritated that I spent all that money on a pirate costume. Okay not that irritated. Because I tried to talk her into being a princess for weeks yet she was persistent about being a pirate.  Then I buy the pirate costume, beaten and bruised as my dreams of a little princess are crushed, and she wants to be a monkey. A freaking monkey!!!!! Your not being a monkey, your being a pirate and your going to like it. But I got this on sale for our upcoming disney trip and she saw it. And here I am. Being manipulated by a two year old. It worked.

Practicing her belly dancing moves
Then on Saturday we carved (Daddy and Mommy) and painted (Lily) our pumpkins.

Lily was quite inthralled with her project. 

It did keep her occupied long enough for Daddy to prep the pumpkins.

 I helped to. I don't know why guys complain this job is so gross. It personally didn't bother me one bit. This year I was too lazy to make my pumpkin seeds so we just trashed the goods.
Grumpily doing his manly duty. 
While Lily still paints. Ambidextrously I might add. 
I got to work on the large pumpkin. Our original plan was to work together on one. But them I am sure I got bossy about how to do it.
And he started bragging about how he could do a better one. And one thing led to another.....
And he started on his own. By his own I mean Michael couldn't even get the stencil on without my help.
And we had to take a time out when this little monster came for a visit mid carving. 
And then there was mine....
And the lesser cooler....his. 
Now I am not going to say I am the clear winner...but if we were being honest....we would all admit.....

My pumpkin rocked. 

We are excited about tomorrow. The day I have to physically force my child into the a pirate costume if it kills me. The day I steal all the Reeses peanut butter cups and whoopers unbeknown to my two year old. The day that I get to drink pumpkin beer and walk around the neighborhood like the redneck we all know I am. So yeah....we are excited. 

And my pumpkin rocked. 


Dana November 1, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

Her owl hat is way too cute! Love it.

I have no opinion on what pumpkin looks better....:)

Suz November 4, 2010 at 9:24 PM  

Love her owl hat & of course I'm loving your owl pumpkin! His is pretty scary looking too.
btw~ what kind of camera do you have? I'm asking for a DSLR for birthday/Christmas & I love your photos.