Rave Reviews: What a Pregnant Woman Can't do Without

>> Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have been slack with my reviews. Actually I have been slack with the blog in general over the past few weeks. I think the Europe posts drained me. And to be honest my Europe post were suppose to be so much cooler but life has been hectic over the last month....well two months.

Without further adieu my Rave Review this week will be in the form of a list to make up for missed weeks. Let's see I have missed ten weeks...wow it was worse than I thought...so this will be my top ten list for pregnant women.

1. Stretchy Pants: Yay! The best part about being pregnant. I remember it clearly. The miserable day, way to early in my pregnancy, that I had to go shopping for bigger pants. I went to Old Navy and Motherhood and slipped on my first pair of maternity jeans. Heaven. Pure Bliss. Enjoy these ladies. Especially around Thanksgiving. Assuming you are not already getting big and Junior won't let you eat more than a bite at a time. haha!

2. Body Pillow: Get the long ones that you can snuggle with. I also recommend a pillowcase. Because towards the end you get really, really sweaty all the time and pillow gets stinky quicker than you think. Now is a great time to buy them because college is about to start. Some other times of year they are harder to find. This is a lifesaver when you have start sleeping on your left side.

3. Cheap FlipFlops: If you are planning on being preggers (think third trimester) in the winter make sure to buy a pair of flipflops before they go out of season. Buy them a size bigger, maybe two sizes and make sure they are cloth and stretchy. Now some people go the crocs route. I think these are hideous and if I see you wearing them anywhere other than your garden I will publicly point and laugh at you! Now you may ask...why would I wear flipflops in the winter? Because your feet are sausages and your body temp always feels like it is hovering around a million degrees. Trust me the cold air will be welcoming. Just make sure you check them regularly for blueness. My feet got so big they were numb. haha!

4. MooMoos from Walmart: Yeah you heard me. Make sure they have small buttons near your breasts in case you are breastfeeding later they come in handy. You aren't going to be able to sleep in those tshirts and shorts for long! I think I paid 10 bucks for my cotton ones and they are comfy. Hideous, but comfy. And they tend to be longer so they grow with you and don't get to short. They covered enough to wear in front of family when they visited.

5. Cook Out Milkshakes: Nuf Said. I know what I am having for lunch now.

6. Compression socks: These can sometimes be hard to find and look ridiculous but trust me. If you are traveling in the car or by plane at all and you have any swelling issues these are a must. Look in the hosiery section or in the men's socks to find them. They keep you from swelling more and prevent clots while flying.

7. Foot stool: Get two. One for beside your bed if your bed is not low enough to just fall into and one for under your desk if you have desk job. This helps relieve pressure off your back by pulling your knees up. It also helps with swelling.

8. Baby Bargains Book: A friend let me borrow this and it was awesome for those people planning a baby on a budget. It tells you what is worthless and what is worth spending money on.

9. Consignment sales: Sign up for all of them! I mean all of them! You will get info on when they are and most times you get to shop early if you are preggers. Great for budget moms like me. I get tons of clothes (especially the smaller clothes they grow out of each week!) and some bigger ticket items (highchairs, excersaucer) Now I do recommend waiting until after your showers...it is always better to get new stuff! haha! But sometimes you can find almost new stuff and take other gifts back and get diapers. You can never have too much of that!

10. Baby Websites: Sign up now for every baby website you can. Think Similac, Enfamil, Gerber, Beech-nut, Pampers, Huggies. Coupons!!!! I got so much baby formula samples in the mail that when I was done breastfeeding I only bought three cans of formula. Talk about a money saver.

Now remember this when you decide to join in the journey of parenthood. You never know what a margarita night will lead too.....compression socks, moomoos, and cook out milkshakes.