Trash Diggers

>> Wednesday, August 26, 2009

If you looked to the left I follow a blog called Lauren Nicole Gifts. Denise's husband is an avid trash digger. He builds stuff out of all kinds of finds. Just this week he got a display table from a Coach store that was remodeling to give Denise a "packaging" center. Her husband's trash digging experiences always give me a chuckle. But more often than not I am jealous that we don't find cool stuff like that! Of course we don't excactly look....

But today is another story! I was driving through our neighborhood on the way to work and I spotted a bike with training wheels sitting next to a neighbors trashcan for pick up. I just got a glance at it, as I am that annoying neighbor driving way to fast through the neighborhood and never stopping at those pesky stop signs. But I immediatly dialed Michael and told him to check it out on the way to daycare. Notice I wasn't about to dig in the trash to get it. I mean that is just embarrassing.

When I called him to check on the status he said it was quite a find. Just needed to be cleaned up a bit but he was pleasantly suprised at how nice it was and couldn't believe they were just throwing it out. Of course our next door neighbor saw him trash digging on his morning walk. Oh well.

So Lily is the proud owner of her very own bike...including training wheels. Now all I need to do is buy her some pom poms for the handlebars. Of course there is always trash day next week to look for those!