Marbles and Spirit Week!

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got a complaint from my husband this week. "The blog has not been talking about Lily enough...I really just like looking at pictures of Lily." Basically you are talking about yourself too much and who cares what you think! Well this is true...sorta. But this is about our FAMILY. Although our world seems to revolve around her these days we do have a life outside of her...somewhat. So this is for you my dear Hubby. But a little piece of advice...YOU could post something and quit complaining or I won't cook for a month.

We had a fun and busy weekend. On Friday our daycare had a swim party at a local pool from 7-9 after work. I forgot my camera so no pictures of Lily in her bikini but it was a lot of fun! I was disappointed that none of her teachers were there and not one child from her class but whatever the three of us were splashing with the older kids. Two of the three infant teachers were there so they doted on her since they miss there Lilybug! I only saw one of the infants there out of ten! I guess the time was too late for the younger kids but Lily is a Party Animal as I told the owner. Michael even took a few dives off the diving board. Lily floated around in her float and refused to be held in the pool. Miss Independent. I only float by myself you can't help me. Yes the monster I have created. She was waving at everyone and telling them "ByeBye" even when we weren't leaving. But by a little after 8PM she was barely holding her eyes open in the pool so we headed home not long after that. She never got fussy just droopy eyed.

On Saturday we went to Marbles, the local Kid's Museum. It was pretty cool and only five dollars a person to get in. First the was crazy busy. It was Saturday so it is expected. The good...Lily loved it! They had some cool, hands-on activities as well.

Some pics of our adventure. I remembered the Camera! Daddy and Lily in the parking garage.

Oh my a fish! The first thing she saw and she was pumped. We had to pull her away from the fish screaming to let her explore the rest of the museum. Fishy II is still blissfully swimming at home so we needed to see other special things.

I love this pic. There are tons of Lily's to love in it!

Daddy and Lily driving the Fire Truck. They have dress up clothes as well but those freaked me out. I put on a hat and then thought about childhood relapses of head lice. Yuck.

Vroom Vroom

Lily's first example of pretend play! She was rolling the car along these tracks. It was so adorable!

Then she off roaded it to the grass!

Mommy and Lily on the Pirate Ship!

This ship was crazy and I was pretty sure I was going to die by the hands of three year olds. I was lucky I made it out a live. You try going up and down with a small toddler while kids whiz past you. Scary!

Lily in the Peas and Carrots ball pit! She loved it!

Daddy and Lily playing with the "Bawl"

Giant Lego Land! Oh YAY! She loves her big leggos at home and these were huge! You could build small houses they had so many. Lily kept torturing this little boy and his Dad by taking off blocks of the fort they were building. She would steal them, walk it to me, then I would tell her to take it back and she would try to help them before stealing another piece when they weren't looking.

Wait a minute is that guy thinking of stealing my block?

Banging the drums in the world exhibit. Lily was quite the musician. This is the famous hat area! The hat was cute, the risk of head lice was not!
Overall Marbles was awesome with Lily. Worth the money. I can't wait to go back with Lily and Morgan. They will have so much fun!
This week is spirit week at Daycare! Remember that from back in the day.
Monday was silly hat day but alas I have no pic. I am turning into a horrible mother! No really what happens is that it is impossible to get a decent picture of the child! She is so fast and moves around like a mad woman. As you can see for Tuesday of Pajama Day. AKA Mommy just pulled you out of the crib and Viola...Beautiful. This is her new Old navy Owl pajamas.
Not sure what this pose is....Little Miss Thang.

Hoot Hoot I'm Cute!

Prime example of harder picture taking!

Wednesday was MisMatch Day. This was harder than I thought! And the sad part is that although this doesn't technically match it is still really really cute! I love this handmade top Kelly J got me for a baby shower. It is reversible with owls on the other side (but this side matched less). Who else could be so cute all mismatched!

She is getting so big! And her hair is so long. I could just eat her up every time I see her! This is her favorite toy of the week. Aunt Tammy got her these blocks for the Christmas she was till in Mommy's Tummy! I like to stack them and let her knock them over and act sad. She frowns and tries to fix it to make Mommy smile again! Too precious.


Nicole Faby August 19, 2009 at 2:44 PM  

I love those blocks and I love the "mis-matched" outfit! And I know they do get harder to get pictures of! Good thing it gets easy again too!