Peek a Bucket

>> Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Just some fun shots of Lily, Mommy, and Daddy playing this week.

Oh look a bucket! Mommy did you put this here for me?

Wait a minute there is something IN HERE!

Legos! Only the coolest toy ever! And they are the bestest! Thanks Marlee

But wait a minute....I don't think making Lego castle with two sides the same color is good fashion sense. Mmmm decisions decisions.

What do you think Daddy? Pink or Pink?

With all these decisions sometimes a girl just needs to let loose. And what better way than by putting a bucket on my head.
It is the only logical thing to do with such a pretty pink bucket.
She is my little stinker!

I have had a few questions about Fishy II. To clarify Fishy I went to heaven seven days after purchase. It was a sad day to introduce Lily to such a premature death. So we flushed him and ran to Petsmart like cowards and bought a replica. Little did we know you needed the body to cash in on the 14 day guarantee. As the worker at Petsmart so wisely told us "oh just store the fish body in the fridge until you have time to come in. It should be fine!" I think we will pass wise teenage Petsmart worker. We will just bite the six dollar purchase and save the poor fish the humiliation of being stored next to the Diet Coke.