14 Months

>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lily is now 14 months and counting! Wow that is hard for me to believe. Her birthday seemed liked last week.

Size: We have a doctors appointment at 15 months for a checkup and shots but our rough estimate is she is still hovering around 25 pounds give or take a few ounces. She doesn't seem to be gaining too much weight just getting taller. Everyday she is taller to me! I mean I use the word tall very loosely. She is still a head shorter than her cousin who is a month older. But there was never a doubt she would be short.

Mobility: Running. Yes running at every oppurtunity. When you are chasing her and when you are not. When she has a diaper off she is gone. Last night at bath time I made the mistake of not shutting the bedroom door and at full sprint I got her halfway down the hall! How are those little stubby legs so fast. And she thinks it is funny and just giggles. It's not going to be funny when Mommy dies of a heartattack!

Speech: Few new words but nothing dramatic has changed. Mama, Dada, Bye, Ball (Ba), Cesna (dedna), Dog, Moo (Mmmm), Boogetity Boo(bouoianfadfh), no, she said the word "mouth" once with no repeat, I swear she says "I don't wanna" and "I don't know" but no one else would understand it!

Developmental Play: We bought her a big, cheap, red ball from target that she carries around and throws to you while we are outside. She loves it everyday! She can ride in her little cars going backwards like a champ but forwards is still not as easy. She plays with her leggo and puts them together and apart. She brings you stuff just to hear you say "thank you", she still loves hiding and peeking around corners at you, and anytime she is in another room you can say "Where is Lily?" and she comes running to "surprise" you, she loves magnets on the fridge especially the alphabet and her leapfrog farm, books are still her favorite and she can now recognize a lot of things you ask her about like dog, kitty, bird, elmo, big bird, grover, balloon, bear, mouse, FISH!, and other objects, she waves at the cows we drive by on the way home and with encouragement moos at them, she does the cutest thing now where she backs up to you butt first to sit on your lab for a book or so you can hold her to play with Fishy II, and she loves for you to pretend you are a sleep so she can wake you up and "get you."

Playing with her is a lot of fun these days!

Eating: Still eating pretty much everything. I have noticed she will sometimes just pick at the food but usually after a big breakfast or lunch. She LOVES eggs and wants some off our plate every morning. We have started testing her with a plate occasionally and she is doing well with that. Sippy cups are a whole other issue. She has figured out how to get the liquid out of our soft silcone Nuby cups. She does this on walls, on the fridge, on the dog, on the floor, and on her highchair tray. Michael said he let the dogs out and she had emptied the entire cup of milk on her tray and was splashing in it. Soooooo.... we have started transitioning onto straw sippy cups. She is very good with them I just haven't had the time to go buy more than the two we own.

Sleeping: Still awesome at this! She sleeps anywhere from 10-13 hours a night and still at least one two hour nap and sometimes a second one hour nap on busy days. We have her in bed by nine but it is not unusually for her to go down at seven on busy days and she sleeps till eight in the morning. She slept til nine last Saturday! Yeah we have it good in this department. Like Father Like Daughter! She fell asleep at the lunch table at school yesterday.

She is so fun these days. Exhausting but fun! We have an ear check up at the end of the month and a chickenpox shot appointment the next day. But other than a bout with bronhtis at the end of the month (with no resulting ear infections) she has been doing good!