>> Monday, August 24, 2009

My husband has had me training all week for Eadsfest 2009. Ugh. I am 10 pounds heavier from all the carb loaded beer and not any better at a game that involves a ping pong. Somebody shoot me or call AA. me.

But with that being said... I might be MIA this week. Don't look for any fun posts as I will be

a. chugging a beer
b. searching for the aspirin cabinet
c. cleaning so people don't have to sleep in dog tumble weeds
d. playing beerball in my garage
e. playing beer pong in my garage
f. practicing the art of flip cup
g. spinning around a bat
h. sitting in my garage after losing multiple rounds of d. e. and f. without the coordination to move.

The punishment of being on the defending champion team. My only encouragement? Knowing I helped win the competition last year without having drank hardly anything for over a year. See October of last year for a preview of what is to come!