Modesty is a virture

>> Friday, July 31, 2009

After Lily's nap last week we realized we needed to start buying Size 5 diapers. She was literally breaking them all week. My Chunky Monkey! She was running away too! I went to the grab the camera and she was trying to be modest....

Apparently she has learned the "itsy bitsy spider" at school. Because I started singing it and she did very elementary hand motions associated with it! They didn't tell me but I was impressed nonetheless. What else does she know that I don't know about?

You can't tell but this is her about to do a spider motion!

This isn't a great picture but a good one of the adorable dress I got at consignment sale last week!

Every Friday in the summer time is swim time at school. This is Lily all Jackie O for the water play! She did so well with the hat! She must have known how pretty is was. Thanks Mike and Becca!

Lily got a fish last week. Finally we got enough time to run to Petsmart and check it out. SHE LOVES IT! His name is "fishy." She runs to see him every morning and giggles and tries to bang on his bowl. We are reinforcing "nice touches to fishy" but it doesn't seem to work. I give the fish another week before he croaks of a heart attack.
If you ask her "where is Lily's Fish?" She runs to show you. Even if we move the fish she makes a mental note of where he is at all times! She grunts and points until we pick her up to show her the fish.
Good Morning Fishy!

My little Diva!

So glad it is Friday! Just so you know finally started fixing the ceiling in the living room this week.....then our toilet overflowed last night and we have another spot in the hallway adjacent to living room. GREAT! I am too frustrated to speak of it. But in a few days it will be funny and I can post the humorous story of me running around trying to figure out what to do with all the water. Right now it is not funny though!