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>> Friday, July 24, 2009

I got a very special email this morning. I hope my Grandpa doesn't mind that I share but it made my day! I had a very 'challenging' day yesterday at work and was out consignment shopping until after Lily was in bed, so I am tired and lacking some motivation this morning. But when your day starts with the following is a kick start to your weekend!

Hi ya'all--
Just a line to say thank you for taking me on your trip to
Europe. I am really enjoying being allowed to access your blog. I have been
places and done things-but never got past Heathrow going toward Europe. So much
in the world to see and to travel even vicariously is a thrill some people never
get. You did a great job-the pictures-the commentary--and the thought behind it.
All are appreciated.

Love Mac & Joanne

Some people may joke (BYRAN...CRAIG!) about the blog and think it is silly but this is why I do it. This to me is awesome! I love doing this, the writing, the outlet, the keepsake for Lily. I can't keep up with daily journalling and this gives me the flexibility of adding pictures so people like my Florida Dad and Grandpa can see Lily as she grows and experience trips like this with us! When we decide to have Baby Eads 2, or fate decides for us, I can go back and remember what happens when and be excited and anticipate. When Lily wants to know about our Europe trip when she is a teenager and is heading with her Senior class I can show her all the amazing things we did.

So Thank You to all my readers! It makes me feel good that people actually care enough to read. But honestly I would do it even if you didn't care enough to read..... Thanks Grandpa!


Nicole Faby July 24, 2009 at 9:04 AM  

I 100% agree and love it too!!