Weekend at Home (for once)

>> Monday, July 20, 2009

To be home again....sweet bliss. We vegged at home most of the weekend. The British Open was on AKA Michael was inaccessable most of the weekend. But on Saturday my childhood friend Sharla dropped by for a couple hours while in Raleigh for a baby shower. We caught up and she got to see Lily for the first time (in person!). Sharla is seriuosly my oldest friend ever. Since my dad was in the military when I was young we never stuck around long enough for me to keep any friends longer than a year or two. But Sharla and I have been friends since I was in sixth or seventh grade? Is that right? Wow....yeah we are old now but amazingly she looks exactly the same....me I have more manicured eyebrows, have learned how to use a makeup brush, and have gained about sixty pounds since our meeting...okay maybe seventy. We will spare you of the embarrassing pictures I pulled out in leiu of her visit. She was not happy about the scandalous nature of the middle school pictures I have retained. Sharla still looks great though! I am so jealous. She did not have Jackson with her but I plan on stopping by this coming weekend to let the kids play together on our stent in Gtown for the birth of Baby Clark.

On Saturday night...get ready for this....are you ready? .......We went to Chick-fil-a. That is about as exciting as it gets people. As we sat in the "restraunt" I looked at Michael and said "really?....this is what our Saturday Nights have become" Michael being the wise soul he is said "there are times when you go out and then there is are times when you chill and spend a night at Chick-fil-a with your family and sometimes that is all you can ask for." And he is right. Coincedently a friend posted on facebook about the same thing! She was spending Satuday night at home with her kid and wanted to know where her youth went. You know where it went? It flew the coop along with your bad eighties perm, hot pink socks, tightrolling your jeans, bad decisions about boys, worse decisions about "men" and eating Ramen noodles to save money for beer. It's all good! Who needs those times back? You know what I needed? A night at home with my husband cuddled on the couch watching Valkyrie. Bliss.

But on Sunday afternoon we got cabin fever so off to Adventure Landing we went! I thought Lily was a little too young for Putt Putt but we figured we could split duty with her and maybe struggle through a game for us. Boy were we wrong! She got her own little plastic club (not to interested in that) and a bright yellow golf ball. Oh it was on with that golf ball! She loved it!! "Baaal....Baaaal" she kept repeating. It took one hole for her to figure out what we were doing too. As soon as you sat her down she would run down the green (unknowing of the curves and hills cleverly hidden in the greens....which led to face plants) and put the golf ball and any of those around the hole right where it belonged. Then she would clap, laugh, and retrieve all golf balls within reach before we headed to the next hole. She is soooo smart! I don't know where she gets it! I can't get the freaking ball in the hole to save my life! In my defense I was trying to beat a one year old chasing after the golf balls so I was rushed but still. She had so much fun and finally started cheering and clapping for us when we hit the "BBbbbbaaa" in the hole. Too cute.

She was so good we took her to Chuckee Cheese for dinner where she proceeded to ride all the rides and Mommy beat Daddy in Basketball (once). She was passed out in the car by 7:30 and slept through a diaper change, PJ change, and hair bow removal until this morning. It doesn't get any better!



Sharla July 20, 2009 at 3:23 PM  

Girl, that scrapbook was something terrible! Let's just say it's a good thing I'm not planning on running for political / public office. :)