>> Thursday, July 16, 2009

I have been really slack and have yet to download my Mount Pilatus or my Paris pics onto the computer yet. I just got unpacked last night and have started the mountain of laundry associated with our trip. I really wanted to go through the 500 Pictures I have left but I really am still struggling to get back on schedule. Sooooooo to hold you over here are some cute Lilybug pictures from her stay with Grandma and Aunt Shannon.

The above picture is of the cousins having fun in a new outfit Aunt Tanya bought them. So cute! Probably one of the best pics the girls have taken together.

Lily Rocking out at Brent and Chris's house. Rock on Lily! Maybe Brent was playing guitar hero with her.

Aunt Tanya obviously could not tell I was really missing Mommy....she is not Mommy.

The matching girls

Oh No! Oh No! Lily's favorite saying while she smacks herself in the face like Home Alone. Daddy taught her that. It appears she also slapped Uncle Wayne in the face as well.

Grandma and Lily on the Fourth of July. I remember thinking how big she looked when I got this picture.

Chris reading to the girls. Maybe Chris is really carrying twins! This will be your life girl. No but really I hope you have that baby soon. You still look great but I know you are ready. William go to the light!

Aunt Shannon and Lily on the fourth riding the boat. You know the boat you told me she was on with a life preserving and sitting in the middle of the boat. Yeah you got busted with photo evidence.

Listen Uncle Wayne...I already told Aunt Tanya...I want my Mommy.

You don't understand Me and Elmo are tight

Peek a Boo....Peek a Boo with my goods as well. The funny thing is this shirt really fits now.

See I told you Elmo loved me!

I guess if they won't let me nap I will just crawl under this chair and sleep.

Thanks Shannon for keeping us in the loop while we were gone. It is sad to see her grow before your eyes but it is good to feel like your not missing anything. She was so good for everyone I was very proud of her. But apparently she really wants a fish per Aunt Shannon. So maybe to show you how proud we are we can get you a Beta this weekend. Maybe.....We have been known to kill a fish or two in our days. Then there was the one I am convince Brent ate at a party....