Day 9: Paris

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Saturday in Paris was by far our busiest. It was the last day on our train pass so we tried to get in all we could. On Meg and Craig's recommendation we booked a River Cruise to eat lunch, drink wine, and sight see along the Seine River. The food was pretty good and the service was excellent. I won't say the sight seeing was all that impressive since to be honest the river is disgustingly dirty. But the wine was included and it gave our feet a break.

Each of us got an appetizer, entree, and dessert. This is my dessert which was quite tasty. I think Michael got the cheeses which were kinda gross. It is a French thing. But mine was awesome and Michael was totally jealous. This is me rubbing it in and not sharing!

But Michael enjoyed the free wine...well by free I mean included in our 130 dollar cruise.

The waitress even took our picture as we passed the Eiffel Tower

The highlight of the cruise was not having to walk to the Statue of Liberty Replica. We went topside and got a perfect view. Ironically when we were in NYC we also just cruised by it instead of walking to see it. I have to say the pictures made for a cool souvenir.

A little French a little American. Remember if it wasn't for us you would be speaking German as Michael so nicely put it.

We headed back to the Eiffel tower to get some day shots. This pretty much summed up our weather in Paris. Cloudy and cool.

I had one disappointment from this trip. Everyone remembers how excited I was to get a picture of me "holding" the tower. Well Michael's not so keen photography skills mixed with many many days of too much food and wine prevented me from getting a picture that did not make me look as wide as the state of North Carolina. So there will be none of those posted or not deleted off my computer ASAP.

But we got a few cute shots of us!

We hoped on the Metro and headed down to the Arc de Triomphe. Of course I thought it was a good idea to walk. Whew it was a long one!

Michael in front of the Champs-Elysees. We just missed the Tour de France which comes through in the next week or so. The shops along here were amazing but way out of my league. Michael was cranky from the LONG walk so I didn't even ask to browse.

Me daring traffic to get a good shot!

No we weren't the only dumb Americans snapping photos! This is the center of EIGHT lanes of Traffic. SCARY!

Michael giving his usual pose.

Please don't kill me BMW!

We finally made it across with the insight of a work friend. "There is a tunnel to do to the Arc...please do not dart across eight lanes of traffic. The Parisians really don't like it." Thanks Kevin! Yeah if you think above looks scary you should have seen the even scary roundabout surrounding the Arc. Yeah I probably wouldn't have made it. Sound advice to say the least.

Is he making fun of me?

An underneath shot. Isn't awesome how this stuff is so detailed. We don't take pride in details anymore.

I loved the lighting on this one.

Only my husband would worry about what would happen to him if he put out the peeing on it. I am pretty sure that would A. Be offensive B. Result in an arse me or a french guy.

We headed back out later that evening to see Moulin Rouge. Yes just see it because a show there required formal attire and about 130 Euros each. We will pass thank you very much. It was pretty neat though. From the outside you would never guess it was so pricey and I thought it would be bigger.

Yes I had a wardrobe change...haha. Same day though.

Right in front of Moulin Rouge there is a vent from the metro that blows warm air straight up. Made for a fun picture! Even if my shirt did fly up for a second. Deleted that picture :) Yeah I felt worse for the girls in dresses trying to do it.

Marilyn Monroe ain't got nothing on me!

What I was more surprised about when we got off the metro was the district in general. I was not prepared at all! Who knew there was a sex district? It was getting dark and I definitely did not feel safe after dark so jetted fairly quickly. It was probably fine but seriously people were walking there kids down these streets with openly sexually explicit stores showing way more than I knew about! I felt like a PRUDE! I think it is the Mommy in me now.

Look close and you will see what I mean!

I will end on yet another fashion disaster on European soil! Yeah you love it!