Day 3/4-Zurich

>> Monday, July 06, 2009

We had a decent start to Zurich! I am getting a little behind because since these pictures I have visited two places outside of Zurich but slowly I am getting there. It takes awhile to load pictures, get them posted, etc.

So to start our hotel is nice. Disadvantage is that it is in the middle of the business district. Not even downtown but the outskirts of downtown. But it is convient for Michael because this whole area is ABB. And he is here for work :)

ABB's corporate office is located in Zurich. He may be here for work but we still got to sight see in the city at night. We are really close to a train station so that helps

The second night we really walked around. We asked a local and found an awesome authentic Swiss Food restruant in the heart of downtown. They didn't take cards....although I think the waitress was pulling our leg but whatever. I ate the local speciality of rosita (sp?) which is essentially hashbrowns. AKA AWESOME! So good. Probably the best meal I have had so far.

After dinner we wandered downtown and got a great view of Lake Zurich and the surrounding areas.

This is us at dinner. We sat in the alley of the restraunt which was severly sloped. I had to hold onto my beer the entire time for fear of it sliding down the table.

The statue of the guy with a huge cup or one ball...not sure.

Downtown Zurich

Church that towers over the city

The hotel that I wished we could have stayed at!

Us in front of Lake Zurich.....Looking Good!

I have no idea what this says! Welcome to the world of foriegn travel.

Eating each others face...I mean the hashbrowns were good with a side of Michael.

Other side of Lake

The ABB boys

We found this Cathedral in the heart of the city. It was beautiful.

Love the way the light hit the church.

Downtown Alleys

There was this beautiful wooden building in the midst of downtown.

ABB PRIDE!!! Thanks for the trip ABB!

Yeah Right!

Overall Zurich has been fine. Very city like though which I don't think compares to the natural beauty I have seen in the past few days. It is NYC in older parts of town really. But those hashbrowns....yum!
Upcoming Rhine Falls and Chaeau Chillion


Nicole Faby July 7, 2009 at 8:00 PM  

You guys look so skinny!! I look forward to your posts every day!! I am so glad yall are having fun!!

Frena July 7, 2009 at 9:11 PM  

Have you met Boris Cunclugenschlugen?

Alice July 8, 2009 at 9:28 AM  

So glad you are having a great time!!!!