17 weeks

>> Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Today Lily has "school pictures." How funny is that?! Even funnier is when the daycare had us selling cookies for a fundraiser. I thought I had at least five years before this stuff started. In anticipation of the school pictures I went shopping with Lily this weekend while Michael did some yard work in preparation for Saturday's Eadsfest. The shopping experience was pretty much miserable and reminded me of why I hate going out alone. She was asleep the first thirty minutes of the trip (which just happened to be the thirty minutes that NONE of the stores were open-malls on Sunday don't open til noon-oops!). Then she was done with the stroller. So I had the chunky monkey strapped in the baby bjorn, pushing the stroller with my bags in it, trying to find her a "fall" dress, meanwhile she is grabbing clothes off hangers in babyGap and yelling every thirty seconds. Yeah it sucked. So I just grabbed three dresses hoping I liked one of them by the time I got home. We will see how the pictures turn out!

This week also marked an important milestone for Lily and the lucky parents. Her first cold! Daycare germs have officially entered the premises. Michael noticed a snot nosed kid earlier last week and sure enough Lily came home with boogers galore. As far as first illnesses we fared well. She continued to sleep through the night, and seemed okay demeanor wise. She was eating a little less and you could hear baby "snoring" at night. One night we elevated her matress on one end. I laid her in there after she nursed and left the nursery. Michael asked me if I put her in there right (head higher) and I made some glib comment about not being stupid. So of course in the morning he went to change her and she magically rolled sideways so her head and body were at the same level. Well Michael thought I laid her like that! "Well I guess you are stupid!" She is still being swaddled so it freaked me out that she might have rolled into that position so no more elevating until she weans off the swaddling. Smothering risk is too great at this point.

A few new behaviors this week. Lily's new favorite thing to do. Pull Mommy's hair! Ouch! Most of you know I love short hair but I grew it out during pregnancy to about shoulder length to have ponytail convenience during maternity leave. I also stopped dying it during pregnancy which would explain why I look like a hooker with a bad dye job. But I really liked the color it changed too while I was hormone crazy. And although Michael loves the long hair, if this behavior continues the hair is getting chopped off! Is this why Mom's inevitably get the "mommy do" of short hair? It is every man's worst nightmare-your wife gets fat and chops off all her hair. Poor Michael his nightmare is slowly become reality. It wouldn't be so bad but when she gets a hold of it you have to pry her fingers off the hair that she is shoving into her mouth! Gross. Which leads me into the next behavior. Everything goes straight into her mouth. Her hands, her blankets, her toys, my hair, my shirt, my hand. You name it she grabs it and eats it. I have been trying to replace her hands with a pacifier which may not be constructive, but no worries it isn't working. She prefers the taste of her own hand.

This week I am starting a weight loss group at work in hopes of losing the last ten pounds of baby weight, plus the weight I should have lost before I got pregnant. I will start keeping you guys up to date on that! Old jeans here I come.

This week we have family in town, Eadsfest 2008, and a portrait session with Lily. Until next week!