Want to go Home...

>> Thursday, October 09, 2008

I cannot concentrate at work! All I can think about is the fact I have tomorrow off. We have a busy busy weekend full of fun adult stuff. I have tomorrow off in preparation for EADSFEST 2008. I have to clean, clean, clean and do tons of errands tomorrow. I am going to take Lily to Daycare for a few hours so I can get the cleaning done and then pick her up to do my last bit of errands.

Tomorrow night we have the family coming in to chill. Then early Saturday we have our portrait session at Portrait Innovations with Lily's two cousins. THEN Saturday afternoon is EADSFEST! As you can tell I am a little excited. People are coming from as far as Indiana and as close as next door to compete in the First Annual Eadsfest. I got the tshirts last night. I am picking up the trophies tomorrow, along with the tents, tables, etc. Craziness. I am excited to see all of our great friends and family for a fun filled event of beer, fire (wait til you see what we have in store) and more beer. Did I mention Beer?

I will post pictures of Lily's session on Sunday. Lets cross our fingers they turn out good.