20 Weeks? I am losing count...

>> Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh what a week! As many of you know sleep in the Eads household has been a hot topic. Poor Lily. Oh wait POOR MOMMY! Over the past three weeks my darling angel has been suffering. Between a cold that woke her up and then teeth pushing through we are all exhausted. But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Disclaimer: Mommy jinx stay away! If I say it she will stop doing it. Here goes...

For the past two nights she has slept all night. There I said it. I am cursed now. This is what full disclosure does. It jinxes you!

I slowly weened her off the waking. I am quite proud. In between the new schedule (see previous post) and a little Mommy self pep talk we did it for now. Thursday she woke up, I nursed her, she fussed, and finally went back down after about an hour and half. She woke back up. Then I had an epiphany! She is getting used to eating! No more eating for you missy. So when Michael went back in I said don't feed her! He calmed her down and she fell back asleep. Friday night she woke up. I got up, went in, DID NOT pick her up, and just gently rubbed her hair and comforted her. I gave her a pacifier and turned on her crib soother (Fisher Price Rainforest soother I love you). She actually calmed down. Total time: 3 minutes. Well she started fussing after the soother stopped playing so I ran back in there and turned it back on and PRESTO! She slept the rest of the night. Saturday night: she woke up, I went it and did the same thing and she slept the rest of the night. Total time: 5 minutes. Sunday and Monday slept the whole night. She stirred last night and whined but before I could throw the covers off and get up she was back asleep. Ahhhh heaven. I have my good baby back (for now).

So over the last week we finished the vegetable rotation. She is now chowing on carrots, green beans, peas, sweet potatoes, and squash. So all stage one veggies in addition to her cereal. She has been averaging one less bottle a day with the additions of solids at daycare. I may just start making the two she is eating bigger because now I am worried she is not getting enough! I know I know. First I thought too much so I started her on solids, now I think too little. It is my job as a mother to worry. I think I am going to hold off on fruits until she is good and used to veggies. The prefer the sweeter stuff so I have even been watching the number of times I give her sweet potatoes, although they are her favorite, because I can see a difference in her patience of a lesser veggies (e.g. green beans) after having them. I really want her to not be picky and basically eat what I give her.

For the first weekend in months we had a completely chill weekend. We went out to a family dinner and shopping on Friday for Lily's Halloween costume and a coat for her. Well the only thing we came back with was....MY CAMERA! Oh yeah! We were at BJs and they had my Nikon D40 of $350 dollars!!

I could not believe it. The average is $499 and I have seen it for $450 at BJs. But $350! Holy Moly! I got my new camera..I got my new camera. Michael claims I am not getting a Christmas present now but I don't believe him. I took some pictures of Lily and Michael with it but have not had time to download them so will try and post some pics this week. I can tell a quality difference just in the viewfinder! It is awesome. UPDATE: PICS ADDED! Some random shots of house and Lily with new camera!
Hey mister bug......

I will eat you!!!!

On Saturday we laid around and spent time together. Then we decided to take advantage of the down time and do some stuff around the house. Michael fixed our sink sprayer, I cleaned, he fixed a cabinet that was messed up and the toilet paper roll that was broken. I consider that a successful day!

On Sunday we went to try to find a costume for Lily AGAIN! I finally just bought some stuff to make the owl costume. I give up. I attempted to make it last night but she looks more like a chicken. Oh well. I am going to tweek it over the next few days and see if I can make it better.

While we were out on Sunday I got Lily this adorable coat from Old Navy and some other fleeces and this sweater. Basically some stuff to not make me look like a horrible mother for dressing my child in shorts when it is 40 degrees outside!

And Michael comes out of Toys R Us with

Although I have to admit it is fun. I played the drums most of the time and it was not easy but lots of fun. But it caused me to stay up way too late. Work was awful on Monday...but Lily slept so that helped.

Michael was off to Jersey on Monday so I am running solo until Thursday. Just in time to dress up Lily and take pictures to blackmail her with in later years.


Alice October 29, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

I have the d40 also. Paid the $450 for it- so good deal for you!!!

Mickie October 30, 2008 at 1:06 PM  

that rainforest soother is cool.. we have one too, but JP always fusses when it goes off so I don't use it at night. it's good in the AM when we don't want to get up yet. it'll be nice when he figures out how to hit the button himself. he's done it a few times on accident, ha