4+ Month Update

>> Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lily playing with a toy I hung on her carseat. She loved it!

Oh what a busy busy week this has been. I have been so busy I haven't given my Lily update.

Remember the cold I said wasn't giving us too hard of a time. Well it ended up being an inconvenience. Lily was suppose to go to daycare for a few hours on Friday while Michael and I cleaned up the house/yard and ran errands for upcoming Eadsfest. Unfortunately she was up most of the night and had a temperature of 100.9 on Friday morning. So I called the doctor and they wanted to see her. The suspected her cold had turned into an ear infection which caused the fever. So we go. She is fine. Of course. No ear infection just under the weather but...no daycare. So I had to run all over town on Friday with her. Lucky for me (unlucky for her) she felt so bad she just laid there like a blob and did not fuss or do much of anything except observe. I got her a humidifier and we sucky balled her nose a lot this past week.

4 Month Well Visit
I had a well visit scheduled for Monday. I tried to talk them into giving her the shots on Friday but no go. So she got her DTaP and Rotavirus today and will get the remaining shots in a month per Dr. Sears schedule. Her stats are

Weight: 14 lbs 4 oz (65%)
Length: 24 in. (35%)
Head: 40 cm (75%)

Apparently she has a big ol' head. They also gave us the hand out on solids. We had already started her on cereal so they said to go ahead and start her on baby foods.

She has also started gurgling this week. She lets the spit build up and then tries to talk. Its adorable. Oh the little things we parents get excited about!

I am not sure what is going on but maybe it is the Mommy jinx. This past week Lily has been waking up a lot. It may the cold. It may be a growth spurt. I am not sure. I am sure of one thing...Mommy no likey. I have been exhausted for a week now. I finally handed her off at 4am this morning after being up with her on and off since 1:30am. Blah. I have started nursing her at night instead of bottle feeding and we may need to switch back. The only problem is I barely have enough milk for daycare let alone daycare plus the last feeding. Plus I miss nursing her now that I am back at work so the bonding time is nice.

She does not seem to have an issue sleeping in the bath tub though! How does a baby fall asleep during this?

Eye Issue
So she went to the doc on Friday. Then on Monday for shots. Then Monday when I picked her up from daycare her eye was all crusty. The teacher suspected pink eye. A few cases had been reported over the weekend from the class. I was ill. If I had to take her to the doc three days in a row it was going to be on! LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME IF THEY ARE SICK. I left mine out of daycare on Friday why can't you? Well luckily no pink eye. But lots and lots of crusties. I am thinking it is a side effect of the cold she is clearing up.

Michael's Birthday
Tuesday was Michael's birthday and I asked Daycare to do something special for him and help Lily make him a present. This is what they did. I was jealous!

Michael and I went out to lunch alone and then I made a family dinner. We just hung out at home and tried to watch Indiana Jones but being old and having a baby lead to us falling asleep half way through. Of course Lily didn't even make it as far as me getting the DVD out of the case!

Here is Michael and Lily playing on his Birthday. She has a new fascination with faces.

Monday on the way home from work I stopped and bought some veggies for Lily to start on. Monday night she had squash. The look on her face was priceless. A look of disgust and then excitement. Here is a picture of squash...mmmmmm. You can see her little eye swollen a bit and crusty.

So she had squash for two days and then on the third day I went to pull out the other container of squash and noticed a little funk at the bottom. I looked and it expired September 30, 2008. WTF! I just bought it Monday October 13th. Gross. So I had to take that back and exchange it. But because they were out of squash she went ahead and started on carrots.

This has proved to be a messy process but baby messes are so cute! She seems to be enjoying the change. But she does still seem hungry afterwards. Maybe this is because she has not completely mastered the spoon and alot comes out. I estimate half in half out? I have four carrots so we will finish the week out on those and start green beans next week. Once I get a good variety I can buy them in bulk at BJs which will save me some mulah.

I will post a video of the carrots later.


Sharla October 16, 2008 at 10:45 AM  

Falling asleep in the bath?!? Haha -- that is priceless! A far cry from Jackson's manic splashing, drinking, and choking on bath water! :)

Mickie October 16, 2008 at 11:27 AM  

Yea I'm amazed at the falling asleep in the bath too! Jaxon gets pretty wild in there. Sorry about the sleeping.. we're having problems there too after I said he was sleeping through the night.. ugh why did I say anything?

Alice October 16, 2008 at 3:50 PM  

Sorry about the sleeping problems! It happened to us right aroung 6 months and is STILL like that. I swear Lily doesn't look real in the tub. She looks like a little doll!