You Go Girl!

>> Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got a bill from Rex Hospital yesterday with a note that said my insurance denied a claim and I was responsible for the bill (~140 dollars). It was actually listed under Lily and I could not recall what could have been done that wasn't covered. So I called the hosital and she said it was our visit to the lacatation consultant. She said it was odd, most insurance companies covered this but they denied it nonetheless. So I called Cigna to inquire. The lady informed me that "This is education and training and is not medically necessary. You could have just given the baby a bottle" Am I the only one upset about this?? Not only about the rudeness but my insurance company should ENCOURAGE me to breastfeed. It saves them money in the long run of illnesses. I was appalled by the complete lack of respect this company gave my right to nurish my child. I am not one of those supermom people that believe they should get only the boob and no formula, no bottle, etc. I believe I am a happy medium. I give her a bottle, and she occassionally gets formula. But what right does this woman have? I even tried to explain that my pediatrician asked me to go to one because Lily was not gaining weight properly, but it was to a deaf ear. I have no problem paying the bill. It was in my child's best interest and I do not regret going. But from a company that claims to have well baby programs this is ridicuolous! I think we need more exposure and should push more for our rights. An epidural isn't medically necessary but they pay for that! If my child was not feeding properly then they should cover. Bottom line. Who lets a random woman manhandle their boob for fun?

So to end this I give a "you go girl" to Angelina for giving exposure to such a beautful thing. The more it becomes socially acceptable the more benefits women will get from it and we will not be treated as an oddball for our decisions.

I would love to shove a bottle up that woman's behind (the insurance lady not Angelina!)


Sharla October 14, 2008 at 12:31 PM  

Insurance companies are whacked on some things.... we had to give Jackson hypoallergenic formula because of his milk protein intolerance until about a month ago. Many insurance companies cover the cost, since it's considered medically necessary (and based on doctor's orders)....but not mine! They said they only covered the cost of the formula if it was fed by the same product, but only if the issue is so severe it's being fed through a tube (which would undoubtedly be related to much higher medical costs in general). So odd...and made no sense.

Druncle Kevin October 14, 2008 at 4:53 PM  

Thanks for bookmarking your blog for me steph. I actuslly enjoy reading it :)

Mickie October 16, 2008 at 11:29 AM  

oh man.. I have 2 lactation consults that I've not filed yet.. (lazy) and I have Cigna.. bummer