16 Weeks

>> Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Well I had an interesting morning. Lily has learned how to "give kisses" this week. In the morning before I leave I ask her to give me bye-bye kisses. When I lean in she opens her mouth real big and I press my face up to her. Everybody together now....AAAWWWWWWW! This morning as part of our ritual I leaned in and.....BARF! Yes she barfed all over me. So close to going into my mouth it was scary. I almost ate my little girls throw up. Fun Stuff!

We had a fun weekend. Lily debuted her NCSU cheerleading uniform at the tailgate. We barely missed the rain. Because it was such a late game we headed back home. Don't want to keep the little one up. I was telling Meg how we used to look forward to the late games for extra tailgate time. Now we only think about how miserable it will be to keep Lily up that late. Oh how things change.

We got to see Meg and Craig on Saturday. Unfortunatly being the old lady I am I was asleep by the time they got there. But we got some QT on Sunday.

Then on Sunday a visit from the Bakers. Our first real family socializing. Hahaha you know the kind where you hang out with the babies and play with them instead of playing drinking games. Lily is more and more interested in toys. Even cutier is her interest in other babies. She watched and watched Aubrey when she came over. I think she is jealous she is not walking around! She was just fasinated by all that Aubrey could do. Lily was really fussy until I put her down on the floor with Aubrey and then she was all smiles. No eye poking this time! But Aubrey was sweet about sharing the toys with Lily. So cute!

And Lily has been doing well on her cereal. We have been trying to give it to her every night around dinner time. She seems to enjoy it.

This weekend is going to be chill...looking forward to some down time.