Beach Trip 2008

>> Tuesday, September 02, 2008

We went to Myrtle Beach for our annual Labor Day vacation. Lily was completely off her schedule (just in time for Mommy to go back to work!) but we had a great time. I was pretty much exhausted most of the trip from her middle of the night shenanigans. But she was adorable!

We had just gotten her shots on Thursday so she was pretty sleepy Thursday and Friday but by Friday night she was doing much better. She definitely enjoyed the pool more than the beach and screamed then slept on the beach for the little bit we were out there. Awww my sleepy Eadsy. But we got some cute pics of her with her feet in the water. Plus a few family portraits the next day.

In the pool we had gotten a float on sale at Target that was too cute. She basically just chewed (aka gummed) it the whole time. I thought the sea horse was creepy looking but hey what do I know. It entertained her.

We also took her to the aquarium. I thought she would like the light coming through the tanks, etc. Well she slept through the majority of it but when she woke up it seemed to be an enjoyable experience! We even took her in the tank you stand in the middle of and it looks like your in the water. Michael did say it smelled a bit fishy in the tube...uh duh! its an aquarium. It was a cool tube. I even got a little snapshot of them in it.

We went shopping one day and Michael got to wear the Baby Bjorn for the first time. He said he felt so old and daddy like. It was adorable. Michael did fuss at me for shopping for the baby and told me I needed to be buying stuff for me to wear! How sweet. Here he is in Children's Place you know the store where old people shop holding Lily like a good daddy. The funny part was when he took it off he had belly sweat! It was not cool that day. And she was pooped after the event and the heat.

A little shout out. Our cousin got engaged at our beach trip. Yay! Congrats to them both. I know Renee was happy. My little Jackie O.

It was a good weekend overall. Minus the whole sleep deprivation on my part. I am sure Lily will love it even more next year.