High School Reunion

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

Michael is old! We had his ten year reunion this weekend. Good News! No ex-girlfriends present. So my cowness will be hidden until at least twenty years. Better news...my dress was adorable. I love the simply vera line at Kohls but never spring for the attire due to price, but this was a special occasion. Bad news...new shoes I bought only lasted about thirty minutes. Sooo cute though. Worth the pain..if the ex girlfriends were present. Since this was not the issue I should have went with the more sensible pair.

Other than it being a rip off it was a good time. Eighty dollars people! And the food was a joke. All they had were four appetizers. Chicken fingers, meatballs, bruschetta, and cake. That is it for eighty dollars. One more time for effect... EIGHTY DOLLARS. No drink tickets, no nothing. Just chicken tenders and an expensive cash bar. Of course we were prepared and had beer in the car which we preceded to pour into our bottles. haha! It was like high school all over again!

Afterwards we went to Brent and Chris' and played flip cup in preparation for Eadsfest. Yes Eadsfest invites went out today. If you don't know you can't afford it....

Here a few pics of the crew.

Jen smashed...funny stuff. Why skinny people should not drink three martinis at dinner
The whole crew
Our friend M and Michael. We just found out she is three months preggers! YAY!
The McCarty's...aka the Gtown traders

Michael and the Clarks
Me and Drunky McGee
WTF! Back off my man!!


Mickie September 24, 2008 at 11:26 PM  

Ok.. makin me feel OLD! I was already a couple months preggo at my 10yr reunion :) And we apparently planned better b/c we did give out drink tickets (which I had to give mine away) plus had good food. We still got complaints about the cost though.. oh well we did our best (yea I was one of the planning committee)