15 Weeks

>> Monday, September 22, 2008

Lily has grown so much! Everyday is a new adventure. This week she really started grabbing toys and seems content playing with a stuffed animal whereas before you had to shake it to entertain her. Now she can entertain herself! The exersaucer is my best friend. She is pushing buttons, looking at the colors, all sorts of excitement in one toy. Thanks Aunt Jenna and Aunt Brookie. Mommy can fold laundry in the midst of her crazy schedule because of you.

Grabbing her toy Video of her playing. It is a little bumpy..we were in the car

I just want to give a shout out to my baby girl. How many Mom's can say that they have been back at work for three weeks and their daughter has only gotten up twice (both on the weekend BTW) in the middle of the night?! My little girl is da bomb! Is that still cool to say? I thank god everyday for gracing me with an angel. Maybe it is true he does not give us more than we can handle.

We had a busy week. A visit from Drunkel Brent, including a dinner that included Uncle Kev our new NCSU student. Speaking of NCSU...GO PACK! Beating ECU..those are my boys!
Then we went home for Michael's High School reunion (see previous post). That meant lots of Grandmommy time. A special treat was she got to hang out with cousin Morgan! At one point they were actually laying side by side and cooing at each other. Of course no one video taped it. We could have been UTube Stars! I bet babies understand baby talk. But who knows it could just be babble to them as well.

Sitting at Grandmommy's house playing. No she isn't possessed! My husband just won't let me buy the expensive camera!
Then on Sunday we had Michael's company picnic. Whew. What a week. Lets hope this one is a little tamer. For Mommy's sake..her saneness depends on it.