14 weeks

>> Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Just a short update this week. Michael is finally back in town after a long week without him. He has been super helpful since he got back and doing lots of Lily duty. I survived without him though. Of course Lily refuses to roll over for him. And has done it for me a few more times but not in his presence. But I have video so we know it happened.

She is still doing great at daycare. We actually saw one of her daycare workers out at my company picnic and she was all about Lily. By the end of the picinic Lily was out!

All three teachers are really sweet. They say she is a great baby...but I am sure they say that to everyone. Funny story though a friend told me I need to start bribing them with little treats so they like Lily the best. I really think this is a good idea and I am going to try and bake something this week.

Car Update: it is not the transmission! But it could have been the only thing worse. We avoided catastrophe so far though. Apparently the last time we got the oil changed the mechanic only put 1.25 quarts of the required 5 in the engine. Uh...that's a problem. Luckily the whole engine did not implode and it only cost $350 vs. $2500 for the transmission. We were good to take it in when we did or it could have been way worse.

We also had some first time visitors this week. Allison, Mike and Becca came by to see Lily. Here are some pics of their visits.