3 Months

>> Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday to you...Time flies when your the cutest baby in the whole world (Mommy has no bias). Ah this week last year we were conceiving you little Lily. And by conceive I mean a stork told us you were coming hehe! It is hard to believe that she was just a few little cells last year. And look at her now! ADORABLE!! Give it a few more weeks and it will be my morning sickness anniversary. Of course that is not worth celebrating. The END of morning sickness...that's a whole other story.

Funny but this morning as she was being a cutie I actually thought...I could have ten more little babies just like this. I would do it again right now! Yes the woman that hated being pregnant...if there were a stronger word than hate I would use it...would do it again. My luck? The second one would be a demon. They are always polar opposites. Let's compare Lily to my unborn demon.

1. Lily sleeps through the night (90%)
2. Lily cries only when she needs something
3. Lily smiles and laughs at Mommy's silly faces
4. Lily likes Mommy's singing
5. Lily is very cute and cuddly
6. Lily has been early on most developmental milestones (hoping for early walking and potty training!)

1. Demon child would have schedule of sleep all day up all night, or worse no sleep
2. Demon child would have colic and scream nonstop (even when Daddy has hangovers)
3. Demon child would hit Mommy in the face or worse scream at silly faces
4. Demon child would cry when Mommy sung and hit Mommy in the face (again)
5. Demon child would be one of those ugly babies that everyone says is cute but really...we all know the truth
6. Demon child would pee and poop in his/her pants and be carried until they were 30 and then hit Mommy in the face (again)

mmmmm maybe I should stop while I am ahead.

It has been a CRAZY week so far. Michael left Monday to go to Jersey for business and is back tonight. So for the past few days I have had 100% baby duty plus this is my first full week back. Tuesday was my first time dropping her off. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I didn't cry. One point for Mommy. She didn't cry. One point for Lily. I went in and laid her on a playmat and she just laid there and stared. What is irritating is that if I put her down at home on the playmat and I am not near she is pissed. But she is all good at daycare! WTF! It was hectic in the morning letting the three amigos out alone, taking care of her, taking care of me, traffic, etc. But we survived. This morning was even easier because she was asleep. One point for Lily. I did not cry. One point for Mommy. And the traffic was not nearly as bad. One point for....city of Raleigh? Michael leaves again tomorrow to go to SC for bachelor party until Sunday. So tonight is my night off.

She definitely eats and sleeps more at daycare. She takes two hour naps there. At home....ten minutes at a time. It was a rare occasion she slept long stretches like that. And then yesterday she was ready to go to bed at seven. I woke her up at nine for a small bottle and changing. But Eating! Yesterday she took down 20 ounces at daycare! Am I the only one that thinks this is ridiculous???!!! I am honestly having a hard time keeping us with her milk demands. I was warned this might happen. I did read about an herb you can take to boost your milk supply so I am going to talk to the doc about it next week. I really should get up in the middle of the night and pump...but who wants to do that? If she is sleeping so should I.

But other things are better in daycare. She seems to get a lot of tummy time. Her head skills are money! And I put her in the exersaucer last night without a towel and I swear she is now touching the toys. She can't figure out how to make some of them make noise but she was gripping at some of them. She did great!

As you can tell I am feeling much better this week. I still want to be home and it is still hard to leave her everyday. It isn't easier but it seems to be different now. There will always be really bad days, but I try to focus on what I work for..which is her. I think I might make it. Maybe :)

On a side note Saturday on the way to the tailgate the transmission in the Pathfinder started going out. So Michael will be dealing with that nasty situation tomorrow. All I can see is money floating in a toilet and slowly flushing down, laughing at me the whole way down.

Here are a few shots of her this morning. Being precious as always. She is a morning a person...after she eats. I wonder where she gets that from??


Sharla September 10, 2008 at 4:02 PM  

These are some super cute pictures! And I just died laughing at the demon child comparison... :)