Wipe that tear from your face...

>> Monday, April 26, 2010

Tantrum week is over. Go ahead and wipe that tear from your face. Or should I say wipe it from your toddler's face. It may not be over in real life but in blog life we say farwell. Maybe closer to Lily's third birthday the topic will be revisited by me and others as a whole new set of issues arise. Now don't get me wrong I will still entertain you with horror stories, but I think we are learning to deal with them one by one. It feels like it is getting better and she may actually be learning what is appropriate and what is not.

Thanks so much to all my guest bloggers. I got so many emails from readers about how funny they thought the posts were or how they feel the same way or how ironically their child called themselves Ms. Woo Woo too. I hope this makes us all realize we are not alone, that every child is different (yet the same!), and that there are endless ways to dealing with it. My number one choice? Margaritas. My number two choice? Counting and time out.

To end the week I want to post a little video of Lily in a small tantrum. This is small potatoes compared to her bigger ones...but it is a funny one. First she only starts crying when I look at her. Then she just starts saying sorry and asking for a hug to get out of trouble. My little player player. See if you can pinpoint when I am looking at her and when I am not.

How do I know that it is getting better? Now she just walks to time out when she starts pitching a fit. Check. She immediately starts saying sorry when she sits down. Check. She started asking for a hug when she gets out. Check.

Now the hard part is making her understand just because you are saying sorry doesn't mean you are getting out of time out until your time is served. Even harder keeping her in there when all she wants is a hug :(

Here is to better days and the possibility of another child in spite of these stages.


Erin April 28, 2010 at 10:47 PM  

I love that you caught this on camera! So will Lil' E when the boys start coming around and ya'll pull out the tantrum videos. ;)