Reality Check 101

>> Thursday, April 15, 2010

You know how you have those friends that will just point and laugh at you while your complaining. In a good way of course. You know the slap in the face that welcomes you back to reality and says snap out of it. Well that is my friend Kelly. Kelly's little boy is well....all boy. A wild child to say the least. When I sent her an email this week asking her to give me some stories to make me feel better about Lily's Drama filled week this was her response.

Tantrums, yes, I am familiar. Is it bad that I cannot pinpoint a single particularly horrid situation? My mom says that what goes around comes around because my son is stubborn like his mamma. Here are a few of my favorite (eye roll) mom moments. I have climbed into the backseat to use my full body weight to wrestle him into the car seat because he didn’t want to leave the park. I have done timeout in the Target restroom because he thought we were at the “banana store” and he found out that Target doesn’t sell bananas. We have also turned his doorknob around so that we can lock him in his room at night because, seriously, it is bedtime. But, the good news is that while months 20-26 were REALLY long, I think we have recently turned the corner. He has learned where the line is and doesn’t push as hard once he crosses it. So, while I have no sympathy for you what so ever because baby girl has been such a doll so far, don’t worry because this too shall pass!

While I have no sympathy for you....Thanks Kelly! I feel like I have officially been inducted into the Mama club. And I thought that happened the first time I got the trifecta of vomit, poo, and pee on my clothes in the same day! Little did I know.

Over the next week and a half I will be featuring a few guest bloggers about Da Eads buzz word of the week... Tantrums. Yes that is right....those eye roll mom moments Kelly spoke of. I hope you enjoy this week and it helps you not feel so alone. Because to be honest that is what this about. To let you know a) it could be worse b) it will pass c) you should call you mother right now and thank her for putting up with you when you were two.