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>> Friday, April 09, 2010

We have declared Easter our holiday in the Eads household. We live about three hours away from the rest of Michael's family so it is safe to say not many holidays are celebrated here. Although we did get a Thanksgiving one year. But holiday's with the fam are not a normal here.

Everyone hopped in their cars and made the haul for some outside time and spring fun. I don't think we could have picked a better weekend! It was gorgeous. We stayed outside all weekend and watched the kids play. Okay and the boys.
Cousin Morgan and Lily played so well. They got to swim, play in the water table, and run around chasing balls all day.
Lily ended up having a little too much fun and puffing up her eye on the table. The night before Easter of course. It never fails. Right before a major picture opportunity some sort of injury occurs.
Lily drank a lot of water for a variety of sources. Her sippy cup, the water table, the pool. Might explain her sickness this week.
We got a special treat when cousin Renee came all the way from Florida. She is so grown up now! Do you think this little princess looks five? She has a big girl haircut and is so smart and precious!
Aunt Shannon and Mimi brought cookies for the girls to decorate. Lily loved that!
Well she loved eating the icing.
Look how hard she is concentrating! She is on a mission.
This is a picture Michael took. It is a running joke in my house that you can tell who takes which pictures. Well lets just say mine are a lot better. I am not be cocky I just have a knack for the truth. But Michael was quite proud of this action shot. Just so you know it was suppose to be a picture of Wayne. That didn't so much work out for him.
We dyed easter eggs. Even though I was freaked out about letting the girls near dye. I was more worried about them dying their fingers before easter than anything else. But little did I know the black eye would ruin those picture anyways. But I did give them both Daddy's shirts to protect the cute clothes.
We were hard at work making an Abby Cadabby Egg.
Elmo stickers!!!
Morgan and Wayne
Morgan swinging with Daddy
We decided to give the girls their Easter presents from Mommy and Daddy on Saturday. It was such a nice day. 
She was very excited when she saw what it was....
A brand new TRICYCLE!! 
"oh I am going to rock this out" 

Safety is big in our house. Lily is learning early about helmet safety. By the way did they even have helmets when we were kids? 
Lily loved the helmet so much I decided she should wear it in all outdoor play. Those water tables are rough. There is not telling what could happen! 
She did really well on the tricycle. She knows that her feet go on the petals. She is good about keeping them on there while she is moving. But she still needs to build some more strength to push down hard enough to get going without a nudge. 
So Big! 

Morgan got one as well. Of course the Mom's coordinated. Well Aunt Stephaine talked Mommy into getting Morgan one. Unfortunately the Eads genes produce big heads. Morgan's helmet didn't fit. The only reason Lily's fit is because I knew in advance to get her a bigger toddler helmet! 
Wayne and Tanya
Handsome Hubby
It was a great weekend! The girls entertained each other which meant Lily was in a good mood most of the weekend. She has been talking nonstop about everyone this week. 

After this weekend I am sure of one thing. The old saying it takes a village to raise a child is true. It seemed so much easier when everyone was hear. More eyes, more hands, more entertainment. It was nice not being the sole provider for once. It was great seeing Lily interacting with Morgan and Renee. She loves them so much. It was relaxing! This is how people have more than one kid! They have a village of support! Now I just need to get my village to move here. STAT! 


Diana April 10, 2010 at 8:21 PM  

I love that she felt the need to wear her helmet to the water table. Safety first. :)