Guest Blogger: What about Mom?

>> Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are getting a double dose of guest blogging today....

Today's guest blogger is Nicole from Nicole Faby Photography and Fantabulous Faby Blog. You may recognize her name from all the awesome pictures she takes of my family, and so many of my friend's families. So how do Nikki and I know each other? I feel like this is a long story, because we have known each other for about seven years. But first let me say she will always be Nikki to me. Nicole is this new fancy name she started going by when she got all grown up. We met in college and were sorority sisters in Chi Omega. To be honest we didn't run in the same crowd, she was a bit younger than me, and I was an older sister that had one foot out the door.  We worked together waiting tables and I still have a hard time remembering it, except in pictures. Ha! All those 'activities' in college are catching up with me!

But then we graduated. I am still heavily involved with Chi Omega post college. At first I was a member of the Alumni Board serving as secretary (as did she), then moving into an advisor position a few years back. Now I remember when I found out Nikki  was pregnant. We were eating at Moe's in Cameron Village and it was during one of our Alumni Officer meetings. At that point she made the THIRD girl on the board of five that was pregnant. A few months later I made the fourth. With the birth of new babies come new friendships. Now that we both have crazy toddlers we have a new bond outside of Chi Omega.

Finally, she started her photography business and we have a whole new bond! Ya'll know I love taking pictures. I have pretty much been with her since the beginning and a totally loyal customer. Nikki has helped me a lot with editing programs and techniques. Not to mention at one point I felt like her photography pimp..haha. Hey you push what you believe in! So check her out here for some awesome picture taking and here for a sneak peak into life with a CRAZY ALL BOY toddler, being an awesome step-mom, and being married to amateur wrestler Jaxon Dane.

Here is a perspective we are not used to hearing, the one from us as the parent.....Enjoy!

When Steph asked for tantrum stories I had no idea where to begin. My stepdaughters first time out with us for throwing a crayon at another table at a restaurant? Or for kicking her newborn baby brother in the head? My son's constant tantrums over the most ridiculous things (i.e. "i want to climb" up the entertainment center?) The strange places my son has had time out (The zoo, the pharmacy, and countless bathrooms? My son is two and a typical day he wakes up and within 15 minutes is in time out! He is a wild boy... who loves to test us!

I would like to talk to talk about how tantrums can make me feel. Sometimes it feels like tantrums will never end. Sometimes I get jealous. There are days when I would like to scream and throw things but at 26 thats just not acceptable to society. Sometimes it makes me laugh... my dearest Luke do you even know how ridiculous you look? I have to hide my smile, thankfully your hiney is in the corner and you can't see me laughing at you!! Sometimes it makes me confused... Why Katelyn will you just not swallow that bite of food?! You like everything in it! Where do you get the willpower to be so stubborn?! Sometimes it scares me... I seriously worry you are going to bust a vein in your head from all that screaming or break a leg with all that kicking. Should I put a helmet on you since you choose to bang your head on the ground. Sometimes it makes me embarrassed! This kid is not with me!! (Why is it that your kid has the worst days in front of your most judgmental friends/coworkers/family members) Sometimes it makes me cry. There are the days I am just too exhausted to deal with it all. Yesterday was one of them. It was a long day no sleep the night before because he was up, he refused to take a nap (WHY do overtired children refuse to sleep) and I was talking with a friend and Luke was laying next to me and wanted attention he thought kicking me was the best way to do it. I wanted to run away but instead I placed him back in timeout and burst into tears... Will it ever end?

It will. I know this. I am grateful for the friends who remind me of this. For my stepdaughter who is living proof. For my mom who raised one crazy boy (sorry bro) and survived. For my grandmother who has run an in home daycare for 30+ years and has shared some stories of her own!

After one of my worst tantrum filled days I laid in my sons bed with him and my husband and my little boy kissed me and snuggled on my chest and the screams faded far away and the tears (his and mine) seemed like a million years ago and I remembered... It's all worth it.