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>> Tuesday, April 06, 2010

On Good Friday we loaded up the car and headed to Asheboro, NC to visit our state zoo. It was a gorgeous day, although at times hinting at a North Carolina summer afternoon. Our family met us from Charlotte and we spent the entire day searching for animals on their huge plains.

NC's Zoo rocks because they give the animals such great places to live. They are not caged in and confined like some of the other zoos I have been to. (i.e. DC Zoo) The elephant and rhino habitat is huge and the giraffe and zebra area is lush with greenery. Overall I don't feel sorry for the animals like have in the past. It looked like a pretty sweet deal to me!

We got an up close and personal look at the elephants! Check out this awesome shot I got.
Most of the animals were out in the morning when we first got there but by lunch time we were really hunting for them in their exhibits. They were sleeping the day away after breakfast.
We found this awesome Rhino that Lily loved.
She is such a ham. I was surprised she wasn't scared but she sat right ontop of this guy with no fear.
We couldn't get Morgan on top of him but she petted him with Daddy.
The girls had fun together. Although I didn't feel like they got a whole lot of time playing together because we had them in their strollers most of the time. But we did find a little egg play area. Just in time for Easter!

Our girls!
Big Man in a little Egg!
These pictures help demonstrate exactly how sunny it was....they were a little over exposed because it was BRIGHT!
We visited the Giaraffe Feeding Deck but they were not close enough to feed. We were fasicanted by our friend Mr. Zebra. Lily wanted to go "play with zebra" and "ride zebra"

Mommy and Lily
Play? ZZZEEEEeeebbbrrrraaaaa play?

The only animal I was sad we didn't see? Penquins! I wanted Lily to Waddle Waddle for them. But they don't have them at this zoo. I know Morgan was upset that the monkey exhibit was closed for renovations. We were going to walk all the way back and see the baboons but  the Tram line was so long so we opted out of another 45 minute walk.

Finally we got on the Carosuel around lunch time. But Lily was exhausted...she literally was about to fall asleep on the ride. But she loved it as usual.
Morgan and Daddy!

The zoo was a lot of fun. But a lot of walking. I lost a few pounds that day. It was something a little different to do. But something you only want to do every couple of years. Basically giving yourself enough time to forget how much walking it really is!


Trish April 6, 2010 at 10:58 AM  

I love the NC zoo. The hubs parents use to live 5 mins form there so we went a few times while visiting them.

Great pictures!