Things I am Thankful for....

>> Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Being its Thanksgiving I thought I would post a sappy/honest post about what I am thankful for!

1. Lily! Uh Duh did you think anything else would be number one. I am so thankful that I was blessed with this beautiful child. She has changed me so much. Everything good about me I can see through her, which in turn only makes me want to be better. Everyday it is something new and she brought something to my life that I did not realize I was missing. Everyday is now an adventure.

2. Michael! How lucky am I that I have a husband that loves me to go home to every night. He may not be perfect but neither am I and that's why we work. He is always there for me and does everything he can to take care of us. He is a good father and my best friend. I could not ask for more than that.

3. My family and friends! Who else has to listen to me go on and on about Lily? I am blessed to have such a great family and friends that are like family. Even better it has grown substantially since I got married. Actually probably quadrupled. Do you know that not once have I not been able to do something because of Lily. Most of our friends jump at the chance to watch her. I am an only child but now I have three brothers and sisters! It's great. And now I am an AUNT! I would never have thought that would be so awesome. But it is. The great thing about families? They have to love you. Even if you are a spoiled brat. The great thing about our friends? They love Michael so much they put up with me!

4. That I have a job! Many of you know I would rather be at home with Lil E but it is hard economic times! I am so thankful that I have a job, because at this point a lot of people don't. Even if it does pay less than I am worth!

5. My home! It may not be my dream home but it's ours. We work hard for it and we can still pay the mortgage (see #4). Lily has plenty of room (for now!) and at this point has not been too needy on repairs (other than the dang HVAC)

6. My Daycare workers! I feel like they really love her ya know? I may have to fuss occasionally because something is not done just right but they take really good care of her. They give her lovies and treat her like one of their own. Loving her is all that matters to me!

7. My puppies! I almost forgot my other children! Oops. I feel so bad for my dogs right now because my level of patience is smaller with them. And they seem to be taking a back burner. But they take it in stride and they seem to really be taking to the new addition. I was telling Michael we needed to make a conscience effort to give them a little lovin everyday. I think getting them a fence would help the situation too. But you know why they are great? It's called DDTs, automatic vacuum cleaners to all food that is dropped, and false sense of security. I would like to think if someone broke in to kill us that we would be protected but honestly they would probably lick you. Watch out for Charlie though he is fiesty.

8. My Breastpump(Medela Pump and Style/boppy! TMI I know. But I really heart the breastfeeding even if I hate pumping. These two devices make my life easier. Do you know how much money I save breastfeeding wow! Lily goes through one can of formula a month. That is to make cereal and back up bottles when I go shopping etc. Most months I pour out the rest of the can (its only good for thirty days after opening). Even better? I have only bought one can...the rest are samples from the hospital/mail.

9. My bed! I wish I could see you more comfy bed. We have been drifting apart lately. I love you so much but stress, crazy schedules, and baby make our time together limited. I promise to start giving you more personal attention in the near future.

10. DVR! Bed the reason I cannot see you on a regular basis is directly related to my DVR addiction. I recently converted to DVR and I LOVE it more than my husband. Just kidding but I do love it alot. It is great for watching all my shows after Lily goes to bed.

There are tons of other things I am thankful for like cheap gas prices, online banking, spanx...but who has time to go over them all. I will end with a have a happy and safe thanksgiving and I will update everyone on my first weekend away from Lily, her first thanksgiving and a miserably cold trip to Chicago next week.