5 Months Old

>> Monday, November 10, 2008

My beautiful baby girl is five months old today! What a big girl. She is currently working hard on sitting up strengthening all those stomach and back muscles. She has two bottom teeth through the gum and it cutting her top two now. She changes so much everyday, and amazes me more and more.

We had a good weekend. These pictures are from our Sunday afternoon. We had visitors. Cousin Morgan came with Aunt Tanya and Uncle Wayne for a visit. Trying to take pictures of two girls under six months is not easy. One is always not happy. The first time Morgan was mad, then Lily was mad, and our latest attempt had Morgan mad. The things we do! But we did get some cute pictures.

Daddy Time!

mmmm Pumpkin

Sitting up so pretty with the Pumpkin

Lily hugging Morgan

Mommy looking much happier than Lily

the girls

Morgan hates being on her stomach and immediately started crying. Lily looks so concerned!
Although these pictures look so all American family and happy go lucky. Sunday was a nightmare. Lily started getting a cold on Friday and had a fever of 100.8 of Saturday. If this sounds familiar your right it is. This is the same exact thing that happened when she cut her bottom two teeth. So I felt around and sure enough I felt a bulge on her upper gum. I have a teething machine. She might have a full mouth of teeth by eight months. Who has four+ teeth before they are six months?! I could not get her to eat anything solid and nursing was hard because of the congestion. Anytime a spoon came near her mouth she screamed bloody murder. I felt so bad for her. I knew it must have been hitting her sensitive gums. She was a pill all night as well. Just randomly waking up and screaming nonstop. My poor baby. And here I was thinking I got my good child back. God is laughing at me....


Mickie November 12, 2008 at 11:36 PM  

goodness! and Jax doesn't have a single tooth yet..