Election Day 2008

>> Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I voted early on Saturday with the family so I did not have to fight the crowds today. But every election day I have the same feeling. How lucky am I that I live in a country where this is even possible?! I was telling Michael as we walked up to the early voting poll how in some countries people are being shot and bombs explode in attempts to keep people from voting! And there we were walking to the polls pushing our baby in a stroller to go stand in line. Amazing. In a time when the country is in economic turmoil we must remember these things. Through all the bad we must see the good. I voted! I am a woman! I am black! (well I'm not, but somebody that voted is). And all of these things have not always been possible in this country. Look how far we have come as a country. I mean there is a black man running for president! We can survive these crisis and move on to be even better. And you know why? Because we can vote! So go out and vote today...for whoever you choose.

Disclaimer: This patriotic mood is mainly due to the fact I filled up my SUV for $40 dollars @ $2.25/gal! HOLLA!