Happy Halloween

>> Sunday, November 02, 2008

We had a busy Halloween! First we had the parade at daycare. I decided to take the day off and hang out with Lily after that. So we went home and I got her out of her costume and cleaned up. Then we went to meet Daddy for a late lunch.

Finally we came back home and got recostumed (for the third time in two days!). We went over to the Steph's to visit Aubrey (aka chic). We got some great pictures of the girls. This was the first big event I had used my camera at and I was impressed!
What should we do?
I have a plan
You listen to me!
After that we tried to hand out candy but did not get many kids. We left at about eight to go see Aunt Brookie and as we are leaving I notice tons of kids in the neighborhood. Of course! Oh well. Lily finally got out of her costume at Brooke's and into her Halloween pajamas. She pretty much conked out over there within the hour. But of course once we got home (midnight) she was up until after two. I can't be mad because we should have brought her home earlier but we had a good time.

The next day we had a chili cook off at a neighbors. We got to judge since I had no time to make chili (life with a baby). It was nice because we have lived in our house three years and did not know any of their names. The chili was good! I got some good recipes. It felt like such a 'family' thing to do! Awwww what a good weekend.