SIDS Violations

>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This weekend was a mess of errands, social obligations, Chi Omega obligations, and just STUFF! Lily was an angel all weekend. She is not crawling yet but instead rolling to wear she needs to get. It is quite entertaining actually.

Not only is she rolling everywhere but she is rolling to her stomach to sleep. I debated about this at first. The first night she started doing it she was fussy and then rolling over. Since she was fussing I got up and check on her. I rolled her back onto her back and then went back to bed. She started fussing again. Went in...on her stomach. I repeated this vicious cycle a total of three times. I would not say I am a crazy worry wart but SIDS scares me. I know she is past the point of that, etc. BUT I can still worry. So I had an internal debate on whether to keep flipping her over. I finally realized as I looked around her crib at the other SIDS "hazards" I was being ridiculous. List of bad things I do that would kill her if you listened to everything they tell you:

-Bumper pads! This is currently a hot debate in baby world. To Bumper or not to Bumper? I bumper. Not for safety but honestly I am a vain biatch and like the way my crib looks with them. SIDS violation #1. But don't worry next week there will be an article that says you have to bumper pad your crib to save your babies life!
-Blankets! When Lil' E was very small she was swaddled. This was the only way I could get her to sleep. Not only did she love it but she slept through the night. Once she started rolling over I had to wean her off of the swaddle though. She has always had an attachment/likin' to sucking on her blanket. So I cover her with her soft cuddly blankets: SIDS violation #2. It soothes her back to sleep most nights without me even getting up. She will roll to get to it in her crib!
-Stuffed animals! This is the only one I know I should change. I admit she has two stuffed animals in her crib. A little lamb blanket/stuffed animal combo and a baby owl. She reaches for them in the middle of the night so I don't have the heart to take them out.

So that is my list of why I should not care if she starts sleeping on her stomach. Am I a horrible mother? Its debatable but I am leaning towards no. Do I spoil her rotten? Probably.

This weekend we got a babysitter on Saturday. Thanks Morgan and Hunter! So that I could chaperone a semiformal for my Chi Omega chapter. We got Lily down before we even left so they really just had to come sit with her. I think they were kinda sad! But they did get to hang out with her for about an hour prior to that. Chaperoning the event just made me realize how old I really am. Surprisingly though I did not get tired even though the event was from 9pm-1am. But it was CRAZY! Was I that way six years ago? WOW!

Tonight I am PACKING! Ugh. As many of you know I will be spending the weekend away from my beautiful baby. Sniffle Sniffle. It is going to be SO hard. Everyday I wonder if I will actually be able to get on the plane Friday morning. Lily will be staying with Grandma while Michael and I fly to Chicago for Mike and Becca's wedding. We will be gone Friday-Sunday morning. Two and a half days and two nights. Will I survive? Stay tuned......


Alice November 25, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

I still swaddle although it is all a mess when he wakes up and use the crib bumper. It is worse when it is not there and he rolls into a hard crib corner and that wakes him up. With the bumper, no waking up if he wedges himself in the corner. Guess, what, he even has a little tiny baby pillow! It helps him be elevated for his sinuses!!! I have several SIDS violations too!

Mickie November 25, 2008 at 10:55 AM  

I took out the bumpers really early, but I wish I'd left them in. His little feet stick out all the time & the pacifers constantly end up falling out. I have to crawl under the crib to get them. But I was too worried about the SIDS. Same with blankets & stuffed animals, I don't leave them in there, but it would be so much easier if we could. But we also co-sleep, so he's in bed with me at least half the night. Some people say thats bad, others say it's better.. who knows.

That said, Jaxon sleeps on his tummy now. I gave up, you can't flip them every 5 minutes. He only sleeps on his back if I rock him to sleep (which I rarely do) and put him down on his back totally passed out. Even then it only lasts til the first time he wakes. You gotta do the best you can right?