Weekend Away

>> Monday, December 01, 2008

First Thanksgiving
This weekend we left Lily for a the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt Shannon. Whew it was rough. As much as I love Mike and Becca I cursed them the whole plane ride to Chicago. Actually I was too busy crying the whole flight to curse them. Luckily I had a good time. An exhausting time but a good one. The city was not to cold for this time of year. The wedding was wonderful and one of the best ceremonies I have been too. Becca warned us it would stick to her Italian roots and it did! She looked gorgeous. Apparently air brushed makeup was her secret. I vowed to sign up for it because she was glowing, and I have never seen Mike happier that is for sure.

Thanksgiving was fun! Lily had sweet potatoes and I held off the rest of the family on giving her the table food. It was a long battle. The food was great as usual but it was hard to leave the princess. We got some adorable pictures of her in front of Grandma's Christmas tree before Michael and I left though.
Daddy's Thanksgiving Belly Shot!
Lily and Great Grandma
The Girls in front of the Tree

Morgan distracting Lily as usual

Sitting Pretty

Grandma said that Lily was really good and they had a good time. Lily seemed very cautious of her though. When she gave her a bottle for the first time she looked very confused. We figure the only one that really gives her bottles anymore is daycare and it is the same three ladies. She is pretty much exclusively breastfed at home with the occasional bottle if we are shopping. Grandma described it as confusion but Lily was hungry so of course she took it. She just had a concerned look on her face as she wolfed it down.
They took Lily to get her picture made with Santa and her two cousins. They said Lily was hysterical and kept looking back at Santa. Then she spotted his white ball on his hat and kept reaching up and back to grab it. Of course none of them were smiling and Morgan and Lily were not even looking at the camera. Taking pictures of these girls is proving to be taxing. Lily got solo Santa pictures today at daycare and she was grinning and laughing. They should be adorable when I get them!

When she got back to us on Sunday words cannot describe how happy I was. Even happier at the pure joy on her face! I thought she was too young to really miss us or realize we were gone for an extended time. But I was wrong! She looked so happy and started kicking and shaking her arms with lots of smiles and giggles. I have never heard her laugh so much!

So we survived! Whew. It was awful. Luckily she did not crawl at Grandma's. At least no one was stupid enough to tell me if she did. But I am predicting by the end of next week. With the grunting and reaching it won't be long.
Michael took her for a follow up on her ear infection and now she has her original ear infection plus another one her in other ear! Yay! This might explain her crankiness at 2AM this morning. So another battle with diaper rash and crazy diaper changes is sure to follow. Lets hope the new antibiotics clear it up. She was 17 pounds 3 ounces when they weighed her.
Tonight we are putting up Christmas decorations. I am running late on my first family Christmas traditions. Just like me to muck up the first one.