6 Months

>> Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Today Lily had her Daycare Christmas Party. The theme was Cookies and Milk. Luckily we recieved this outfit as a gift on Wednesday night. It was really cute. They had different stations set up to prepare them for their first Christmas including "how to unwrap a gift," "How to ring a jingle bell," " How to make a Christmas Ornament," and "How to have a Silent Night (nap station)." The teachers bought all the kids little stockings for the occasion. I got the daycare workers a "movie night." Basically a Coke, Sprite, Bag of Popcorn, and a $5 dollar gift certificate to Blockbuster. Thanks for that idea Alice!

This weekend Lily got some early Christmas practice in. I like to call this activity eat the paper. She got to unwrap a gift from Scott and Brooke. This is how it went.

Step 1. Apply Bow to Head so Mommy can take embarrassing pictures of me
Step 2. Tear first corner
Step 3. Eat the evil paper
Step 4. Pose with Fancy new gift
The book they got her was a perfect gift. It describes our love of dogs and has a good moral of we are all dogs (well Human) on the inside! I recommend it to all parents.
We got some artsy pictures over the weekend. I was trying to get some body shots (not the kind you take off hot waitresses) to do a collage in our hallway. It was fine until she flipped me the bird and I realized I couldn't hang that in the hallway.

"I said No MORE PICTURES! Dang Paparazzi!"
We got the majority of our Christmas cards out. I do have a few stragglers. So I decided to post the other pictures we got of Lily earlier this month. Enjoy!

TuTu fabulous Look at her little teeth!
A really good shot Brooke randomly took on her Sunday visit.
Scooting around....
Moving at a snails pace but getting across the room

This past week marked Lily's 6 month unbirthday! Some milestones to date
- 17 pounds 9 ounces (90%)
-24 3/4 inches (25%) I told the ped. she was more of a "ball" shape
-44.5 cm head (90%)
-Talking and imitating Mommy and Daddy
-Scooting and army crawling
-Rolling in all directions
-Grip objects and move between hands
-Bang objects against EVERYTHING like a drummer
-Sit up independently
-Training on Sippy Cup
-Eating all fruits and veggies (not combos)
-2.5 jars of food a day plus 6 ounces of cereal
-Trying to feed herself
-Three teeth (cutting a few more, but I see three)
-Plays Peek a Boo
-"Tricks" you. Frowning as if she is going to cry...waits for you to react...then giggles.
-Attitude. If she loses her toy or you take it the "tude" comes out. Poor Michael...two Stephaine's in the house.
I am sure there are many more but this is just the highlights!