Great Idea

>> Monday, December 22, 2008

I am not normally a Bob and Sherri fan (98.1 for those of you Raleighians). But this morning they were playing some Christmas music and I was in that special mood that only Christmas can bring. Sherri started talking about something she did this year with her two little girls. Her oldest had asked her about Hanukkah and why it was different than their traditional Christian holiday. Unfortunalty she could not answer too much! So this year her family celebrated Hanukkah by learning different things about the menorah, the oil, dradle, etc. and doing many Jewish traditions. What a great idea! Not only did it teach Sherri but also her children about the different culture.

Now I am Methodist, but I believe that my child should not be ignorant of other people's beliefs or ideas. I think this is lovely and why not necessarily the same beliefs it educates a child on others so they are not only informed but sensitive to others. I will definitly be doing this with Lily when she gets older and will encourage others to do the same. And who doesn't like being able to celebrate multiple holidays!