Eads Family Christmas 2008

>> Monday, December 29, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas. I have to say Santa exploded in our living room. Lily was an angel with all the activities and events we had over the long week in G-town. As usual she ate the paper! haha! As usual Mommy took many embarrassing pictures of her with taped on bows. What can I say? Grow some hair kid!

This will mainly be a picture post with some commentary throughout. Enjoy!

Digital Picture Frame from Michael. Note this was not on the "list" but a definiate keeper!

Renee on Christmas eve!

What do you mean? This isn't the gift! But I was so excited about the paper?!
Christmas Eve Lunch at Tammy's
Morgan and Lily with their customized banks from Aunt Linda. Now if only we can get her to start filling it??
Absolutely horrible pic of us. But very holiday appropriate. Unfortunatly no alcohol was consumed in the making of this picture.
Morgan pooped out after opening gifts on Christmas Eve
Santa Arrived!
Lily spotting Santa's first toy!
Immediatly trying it out!
NC State cup from stocking
Aunt Shannon's Math Jokes at work again! Wouldn't expect anything less from the Math teacher!
Mmmmm I wonder where they got the ornament idea? Inspired by Michael, Look for the full line to arrive next fall!
Boxes, Boxes everywhere!
Mmmm Frog Legs!
Oh my god! My first Coach Bag! I love it I love it. Good job Santa! Smell the sweet scent of luxury!
A Daddy suprise from Grandma! His favorite gift by far!
Daddy and Lily
Grandma and Lily

Morgan giving Lily a Christmas kiss
Lily returning the favor
Morgan discovering Lily's drum

I will say Christmas changed dramatically this year. It was not about me. I did not feel the usual after Christmas slump that we all feel but never admit. It was awesome. Seeing Lily, being with my family. A Beautiful day overall. We are very lucky to have such loving family and friends and to be so lucky to get so many wonderful things this Christmas. Especially when you think of all the others that have nothing. So we did decide on one family tradition. We are donating one new toy every year to people less forunate than us. Lily will eventually pick it out but this year I picked it out. This tradition will hopefully remind us of how lucky we are every year. I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. We are looking forward to a whole new year of beautiful memories.

A perfect picture to show a perfect day