What not to Wear?

>> Thursday, December 04, 2008

Tomorrow is our first official family portrait! In addition we will be getting Christmas/6 month portraits of Lily. I bought a dress to wear but after thinking about it decided that it is not what I am looking for. Ugh. It is very frustrating being a woman in today's world. Lily has a few dresses to choose from. One being a really cute red dress. I bought Michael a new sweater to wear. I know very unlike Michael to wear a sweater! He says I am trying to turn him fratastic. I told him if he kept talking junk I was going to make him wear a sweater vest, or worse matching Christmas sweaters!

So I don't know what to do. Dress? Slacks? Jeans? I don't know!!!!! Decisions like this stress me out. This portrait will always be our first family portrait. It will probably hang up FOREVER! I gotta look good!

I even thought today I probably should have gotten my hair cut PRIOR to the picture. Instead my appointment is in a few weeks. I think I am having a rough self esteem day.

To add to this I realized today I still have not sent a check to Michele for my bridesmaid dress. Which only reminds me that I had to order a size 22. Yes a 22. I am going to just tell myself they are cut extremely small. That is about 5 sizes bigger (6 prebaby) than what I am wearing now. Somebody shoot me.


Alice December 4, 2008 at 9:57 AM  

Don't worry about the size... They DO run extremely small and some of the brands (I bet I could guess the brand you will be wearing due to the huge size difference) run even more small!!!!!! When I worked in bridal, I would cut the tags out of them sometimes when I would have to order people a bigger size than they really needed!