Playmat Fun!

>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

We had an exciting week! Our first big accomplishment being that Lily rolled over from her tummy to her back on Thursday!! I have the SMARTEST CHILD IN THE WORLD! Don't be jealous. We are convinced it was by complete accident but she did it none the less. I think I scared her when I screamed from excitement because she started crying right after but I was soooo proud. I am an obnoxious parent and called Grandma and a few friends to brag. She is sorta scooting during tummy time as well. Now if I can only get her to start doing the dishes....

This happened on her aquarium playmat while we were doing tummy time Thursday evening. Remember the playmat from loserville? While playing we noticed she started showing interest in the attached mirror (oh boy the one good toy that comes with this thing). So on Friday my friend Steph and I went to a big consignment sale (my new favorite thing to do!). I had the intention of looking for a cooler playmat, some mirrors, and a crib soother. I purchased two mirror toys, a hokey pokey elmo (more for mommy's entertainment-I'm hoping to work it into my new workout plan), a few music toys and a stack of books. I decided against the playmat mainly because of selection and the ability to return it if it sucked as bad as my first one (which I got at a consignment sale). So I did a little research and went to Target today to buy one with a giftcard I received. I got the Baby Einstein Seek and Discover playmat. IT ROCKS. Handsdown. It is fifty bucks but it ROCKS! These playmats are a racket, but if it entertains her long enough for me to get a pee break and fold some towels...SOLD! This playmat is what I imagine a child on mind altering drugs would see. It has this crazy star, light up, music blaring contraption that Lily is transfixed by. When I took her out from under it she cried. AND she seemed to be talking to it. This week she started making noises other than distressed crying. It came with a handful of toys and the addicting star, but I added a few toys with some extra links I had received. So THAT'S what your suppose to do with all those baby toys I had no idea what to do with. You dangle them from exspensive playmats. I hooked even more onto the mat and let her go at it. The entertainment lasted a pretty long while in babyworld. I would say at least 15 minutes? Michael and I are convinced the thing gives her gas though. Everytime we put her under it today she start farting REALLY loud. Although not as loud as she did in Walmart the other day when the lady in the aisle looked at me like I did it. How embarrassing. Here is a video of her getting her star fix...


Sharla July 27, 2008 at 8:56 AM  

We have the same BE mat -- it's awesome. Jackson still uses it....he's actually on it RIGHT NOW even :)