6 Weeks

>> Monday, July 21, 2008

Maternity Leave is officially half over. Sadness on so many levels. Michael laughs at me whenever we talk about putting her in daycare because I get a little misty eyed....

A few six weeks milestones
-Can hold head up with some control for short periods of time.
-Focuses and follows people/objects with her eyes.
-Recognizes Mommy by sight and voice.
-Sleeps about 5-6 hour long stretches at night.
-More spontaneous smiling.
-Enjoys bathtime and playmat time.
-Is going down for bed fairly easily at a scheduled time.

Lily and I survived our night at home without Daddy. It actually wasn't that bad. She was easy at her night feedings and slept well so I wasn't too crazy. But we were happy to have him back on Thursday.

This weekend we had some family and friends in town. Meg and Brooke came to visit on Friday afternoon. Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Tanya and cousin Morgan came to visit of Friday night. It was funny to see the girls together. They are a month apart but not too much different in size. We all went out to dinner and the girls were great. Lily slept through the experience as usual.

On Saturday morning I woke Michael up for Lily's two o'clock feeding since I had not gone to bed until 1! I was a sleepy Momma. He turned down the monitor so I wouldn't continue to hear her cry while he tended to her. The problem being he forgot to turn the monitor volume back up. Well this leads to my first I am a horrible mother story. Since we had company the nursery door was shut as was our bedroom. Well when Lily woke up at her normal five o'clock neither of us heard her. So she continued to scream and Grandma finally got up to take care of her. She screamed for me and I didn't come! It was awful. Luckily there was milk in the fridge and Grandma just fed and cuddled her as she drifted back off. Michael woke me up a few hours later and told me what happened and I ran down stairs to hold her. I felt like a terrible mother! But as you can tell this was all Michael's fault! He didn't turn the monitor back up! I blame him. But what can you do? Exhaustion leads to deaf ears.

All the girls (minus Lily..Mommy needs breaks too) went shopping on Saturday. I got Lily the most adorable outfits. At one point I had purchased four bathing suits for our August beach trip. Yes I took some back...and by some I mean one. Every girl needs a few bikinis and a one piece for those chunky days.

On Saturday evening Craig came and we had a few other people over. She was an angel as always and went down at nine and slept until everyone left/went to bed at two. It was great adult time. I actually got to drink some wine and hang out. Of course for the two o'clock feeding I pumped and dumped since I didn't stop after a glass or two :) It was awesome to have a drink again.

Here a few adorable pictures from the weekend.

Tummy time!

Hanging out with Dave