Stephie and Michele Take on Vegas-Part Two

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I am known for very few things in this life. My boring blog. My love of photography. Mediocre wife and mother. But one thing is known for sure by anyone that knows me. Any time I hit the sauce I start taking open mouthed self portraits.

This is what was found on my point and shoot upon my return to vegas.

Michele and I before Yard Drink: Night One

After yard drink and getting hit on by hot young guy in which I had to lie and say Steve (Michele's Husband) was my own to get the guy to leave. Who still has it??!!! and then immediately took out her camera to mark the occasion! 

 Before Night Two: AKA St. Patty's Day. $3 Guinness $20 buckets

A little later....five Guinness and two buckets deep
 The end of the night...more buckets deep than we care to admit. Also followed by a search for firefly vodka and lemonades. To no success. 
The very end of the night when asked how much money I had lost! Or wait was that about how many types of sweet tea vodka I tried? Or was it irish car bombs? Oh dear lord. 
Gosh you would think no one but Michele and I were on this trip!! Oh wait I guess Steve was there.

 And photographic proof that we were there to celebrate little bro's birthday...not just to take self tonsil portraits. And no ladies I did not photoshop the chick. Yes I hate her too. 

So those that don't know me now know this. If you see me drinking out in public remove the camera out of my hands. Because ya'll no one needs to see my tonsils (or red tongue).

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