Laser Tag

>> Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Our awesome neighbor Nga had a laser tag birthday party for her son Hamilton. This party was kick ass. The company set up laser tag in her yard, brought a bus that was wall to wall video games both inside and out, and to top it off a robot you could ride in and control. AWESOME! Needless to say Lily was the youngest guest. And the only nonsister girl. But my little girl ain't scared.

Dad I got this.....
 And she stands alone.

What these pictures don't show is after this kid above her shoots her. I hide her behind the wall, take her gun, and take matters into my own hands. Da Eads: 1. Kid picking on the two year old girl: 0

She loved the laser tag. I thought she was way to young. And while she had no chance of winning she hung with the boys. With no fear. That's my girl....